Damien James is an agglomeration of numerous experiences and realms of influence. He was born and raised in the Midwest to working class parents who advocated critical thought, getting hands-on experience, hard work, tough love, telling the Truth and, above all else, acting with integrity.

He finds the discourse in this country to be disgusting and goes out of his way to attack and destroy the arguments of others by using their own weapons, words and attitudes against them.

He’s got two college degrees in The Sciences, has studied most of the major World religions, many of the different mythologies of the world, and nearly every subject matter in existence.

He currently resides somewhere on the planet, socking his dog in the stomach and being used as a lounging bed, scratching post or (when asleep) as a rope vine by his cats when he’s not attempting to tear down veritable mountains of dangerously deluded political and social policies that typically hurt Humanity more than they help.

You can follow the Author on Twitter: Damien James.
Or not. He doesn’t really care about Twitter rankings, Instagram likes, Facebook ‘friend’ counts, or the premise behind social media (hey! hey! HEY! I’m important, look at me! HEEEEEYYYYY! Like me?)


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