The End of Western Civilization and Globalism begins with Trump

Welcome to the Beginning of the End, folks.

For those of you who may have been reading my blog, you knew where this election would lead us. Hell, even if all you did was watched the vomitous mess known as the 2016 presidential campaign, you probably had an inkling that what’s on the horizon would be inevitable. Personally, I’m fairly excited. It’s not every day that a world that has been corrupted and perverted through countless generations crumbles back to anarchy and chaos to start over again. But let’s get to the ‘why’ it’s inevitable at this point and not get distracted by emo-babble.

The Trump administration will help usher in this glorious end and for many of you, it’ll seem unthinkable. You voted for him because you thought he could ‘save us’ from decades of corruption and outright political incompetence. He won’t be able to do it. For others of you, who are nodding your head with a smug ‘I told you so, Hillary was the ONLY answer’ smirk painted on your faces, you are even more ignorant and self-deluded than the Trump supporters who are shaking their heads in denial that Trump will be The End.

Let’s get something straight. Hillary was an absolutely unqualified nightmare-in-waiting and electing her would have been an unmitigated disaster for the ENTIRE human race. It didn’t matter who you voted for back in November, this election was more of a vote as to what KIND of End Western Civilization and Humanity would get to experience than who is ‘more qualified for the position’. With Hillary, you would’ve gotten global slavery to a New World Order where your rights weren’t protected by the Constitution and would’ve been of less concern than how best you can be used and tossed aside like a cheap diaper. Don’t take my word on it, go through the TPP agreement that she first touted as the ‘gold standard’ only to barely flipflop on it once everyone realized that it was a flaming trainwreck to find out how it would’ve started.

The End she was offering was enforceable slavery with her and her cronies holding the massa’ whip and the inevitable End of any form of Freedom. The End that Trump offers at least affords the opportunity for people to have a fighting chance at rebuilding a Free society once it falls apart. ‘But wait, Damien, in your blogs you said that Trump was the best choice for President! You even posted mock Public Service Announcement videos that nobody watched advocating voting for Trump! How can you switch sides now?’, you might say. But you’re wrong. I merely pointed out that Trump was the least objectionable candidate, NOT that he was worth voting for. That was me pointing out that if you’re slated for your Last Meal before your execution, the turd sandwich option might be slightly less revolting than the drunken-binge-projectile-vomit soup that’s been liberally seasoned with skunk spray and battery acid. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t vote. I’m merely a Witness who’s tasked with observing the fiasco, the outcome is your problem/fault.

So how is Trump doomed to fail this country and usher in the End of our Civilization? Because of how he ran his campaign, how many people there are in The System that can ensure that Effective Change is thwarted, how he may not understand the complexities of the problems he wishes to address, and because he’s getting advice from people who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground, and, perhaps most importantly, because He made promises to the American people that he was serious in fulfilling; all of these will play a role in why Trump will fail.

First and foremost, he pissed off both political parties before he won the election. This was how his campaign gained so much steam: ‘We’re going to drain the swamp’, ‘Democrats/Republicans are to blame for the state of this country’, etc.

Everyone knows that the political system is corrupt and incompetent, but politicians (or those who typically run for political office) have always adhered to one unspoken rule: ‘We shall not call out the Whole Truth about the political process of which we will be soon be a major part. We shall only speak disparagingly about our fake political ‘rivals’, ignore how our party is just as much to blame as they are, and we will not make serious commitments to fixing the political system that allows us to reap ridiculous benefits. We are free to SAY that we will, but we will make no legitimate effort to actually address the issues that are affecting this country.’

Nothing unites people better than a common enemy and Trump gave both parties one once he started revealing that the corruption that’s endemic to Washington and the political system infects both parties. Translation: he won’t get nearly as much accomplished as he might think he can because EVERYONE wants him to fail. They’d rather burn the whole thing down than help Him fix the problems that they, in both parties, made.

Next up, the problems affecting this country are too large and numerous and there are WAYYY too many dip$#its that can get in the way of addressing those problems. The dingbats in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (and judging from the nonsensical content of his written opinions this year the truly ignorant, overly emotionally sensitive partisan-hack-in-sheep’s-clothing, Derrick Watson) can’t seem to pen a legal opinion that isn’t ENTIRELY supported by wishful dreams, drug-fueled imaginations, and unicorn toots.

Trump didn’t count on the fact that the judicial branch had become so heavily clogged with mentally deficient social justice warriors that they’re far more likely to issue dystopian parodies of Justice instead of the Real Deal. Once you can use Appeals to Emotion (a MAJOR logical fallacy) to justify why something isn’t ‘constitutional’ instead of consistent and impeccable Reasoning that correctly cites judicial precedents and Reality, you can say that anything is unconstitutional because anything can be rationalized as being ‘hurtful’ or ‘unfair’ to some group or another.

And the immigration issue only exposed the numerous halfwits and idiots that are intent on sabotaging Trump in the Judicial system. We haven’t even started talking about those in the federal bureaucracy, the intelligence community (whose job is spreading disinformation and whom Trump lambasted repeatedly for their inconsistency and lack of proof for the claims they made during the campaign and in the first four months of his presidency), the law enforcement community, or those in Congress who are actively working to sabotage any real change to the status quo.

The problems affecting the U.S. are also more complex than Trump seems to realize. He sees the bleeding body of America on the operating table and he wants to do something, but he only knows of two tools: the hammer and the sword. Call me crazy, but a good doctor should know the intricacies of the body on which he is operating, as well as the most effective treatment for what ails it and….sorry, but neither a hammer nor a sword is best suited for stopping massive hemorrhaging. It’s a good part of why many of his proposals come off as vague, contradictory, or excessively simplistic.

He’s also getting some pretty terrible advice from people who really shouldn’t be trusted with programming an alarm clock, let alone concocting National Policy. His tax philosophy is quite similar to that which was implemented by Kansas’ resident dumbass Governor Sam Brownback who, despite having an overwhelmingly far-right conservative-dominated legislature that enabled him to enact the ‘we’ll slash taxes on the top earners in the state because it’ll spur economic growth and balance the budget’ fiscal policy, Kansas fell off the fiscal cliff, so to speak. Brownback and Co. had to raid the Kansas Department of Transportation budget, raised taxes on all manner of ‘vices’ (booze, smokes, etc), and performed some very ‘creative accounting’ to delay payments to the Kansas Public Employee Retirement System just to keep the state out of bankruptcy. Growth didn’t ‘explode’ quite as explosively as expected (it was more of a fizzle and a dud) after 8 years and his constituents finally revolted against him. I’m sure that Trump and his advisors have taken that into mind as they suggest doing the exact same thing. ‘If at first you don’t succeed, don’t change what you’re doing, it’s probably because you didn’t screw up hard enough to make it work the first time.’

Trump has an EPA head who’s spent his life trying to tear down the EPA, you have a head of the Department of Education who’s never been publicly educated, never been a teacher, never had her children publicly educated, never had to take out student loans, doesn’t appear to know anything about the education system in general, and has been an outspoken advocate of dismantling the Department of Education altogether. They’re almost as poorly suited for their positions as Hillary Clinton was for the Secretary of State (or any of her previous) appointment(s). I’m sure Trump’s picks will be similarly inclined to ‘do what’s best for America’ and fix a failing system instead of gutting it to the point that the whole thing comes crashing down. (sarcasm alert!)

And finally, like I mentioned earlier, the last reason that Trump will fail is because he made all those promises to make America Great Again and, sadly, he *probably* genuinely meant them.

From what I can tell, Donald Trump has two settings: (1) snarky, foul-mouthed combative troll and (2) genuinely concerned man-of-the-people who desperately wants to address what ails this country. He could’ve (and maybe should’ve) quit (if Hillary weren’t running) during the presidential campaign when most bologna liberal polls showed him ‘greatly trailing’ the Democratic candidate but I think that second setting of his (and his ego) kept him from doing so.

And this is the biggest reason he’ll fail. Because he wants so desperately to turn the American ship around that he’ll reach for any and every tool in the cabinet to try to make that happen, even those that are better left alone for everyone’s sake. It’ll be ‘too little, too late’ once he starts reaching for those tools and, with everyone trying to sabotage him at every step of the way, he will fail on all of his initiatives and America will fall with him. And if you haven’t noticed, it has already begun.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the End of Western Civilization as we know it.


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