A warning to Liberals regarding Trump

Donald Trump has been inaugurated as President of the United States. Now what can/should be done? At this point, all the protests against Trump, all the violence against and the public shaming of his supporters have failed, all the relevant recounts have been run and tabulated, and all the shrill celebrity speeches and low-class mocking of Trump and his family have changed nothing. He still became President. Now, you liberals are at a precipice and you’re the ones who’ve put yourselves there.

In the world of debate/arguing, there are 3 types of people. The first type are those who have done the work of gathering The Facts, setting up arguments and positions based on The Facts, and are capable of countering any and all arguments to the contrary.

The second is the smart idiot who understands that they don’t have all the answers and leaves themselves a concession position to fall back on in a discussion or an argument, in case it doesn’t go their way. Concession positions are points that can be agreed upon by all parties about the state of the world that will allow them to save face when they concede the argument.

The third type is the Full-Blown Idiot who makes wildly inaccurate claims that can’t be proven or substantiated, then doubles down by calling people names, refusing to admit that they’re wrong when all of their arguments have been destroyed, and/or resorting to violence. They have nothing to fall back on because they’ve burned all of those bridges with their angry, ignorant rhetoric and none of their positions represent the conditions of the Real World.

Progressive Liberals, in case you’re wondering, you fall into the last group.

It’s time you faced it; you lost this election. And I’m talking in a bigly way. I mean, it’s just yuuuge! You lost the electoral college and presidency, you lost the Senate, and you lost the House of Representatives. You lost most House and Goober-natorial races across the nation. You lost this election resoundingly. But the outcome of a contest isn’t the only issue of interest in this discussion. ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you played the game’, might seem like empty grandfatherly words when you hear it in a conversation, but it most assuredly applies in this situation.

You Progressives/Democrats have so heavily relied on Demanding, Bribing, Shaming, and Coercing voters in recent times that the concepts of Listening, Discussing, and Reaching Agreement have been dropped from your political playbook entirely. I mean, look at the complete role reversal leading up to and after the election, if you don’t believe me.

I, and many others, saw your phony ‘stirring’ social media posts about ‘healing the divisions within this country’ that you spewed non-stop leading up to this election. Apparently, you were fully convinced that victory was ‘unavoidable’ and ‘certain’. The unthinkable occurred when Trump won and those calls for ‘healing’ fell off the radar entirely, didn’t they? You could have practiced what you preached and said, “You know what? We lost. The rest of this country doesn’t agree with our vision of where this country should be going, so we need to listen to them and find some common ground to heal these divisions that we helped make.” That’s what the smart idiot would have done to save face.

But this was never going to be your course of action. You’re a bunch of egotistical twits with a staggering lack of humility or self-awareness, after all. Which is tragic, because operating with humility and class was your only way ‘out’ of the discussion that you have been losing for quite some time.

I mean, come on… When your argumentative ace-in-the-hole is calling an opponent a) ‘a racist’, b) ‘a sexist’, c) ‘a Nazi’, 4) ‘transphobic’, e) ‘homophobic’, f) ‘a member of the chauvinistic patriarchy’, 7) a ‘gaslighting bigot’ or h) all of the above, you aren’t really discussing anything, anymore. You’re doubling down and just throwing a tantrum to try to get your way. That’s not how mature adults handle differences of opinion or argue their position. And that’s why the ‘progressive’ movement has been losing steam lately. You’ve resorted to hate-shaming anyone who disagrees with you, instead of trying to find common ground or delivering overwhelmingly convincing arguments to sway others to your side.

Yes, yes, I know you’re about to ‘educate me’ on the ‘necessity of fighting The Man’ and how ‘protesting is what makes this country great’ and how it’s ‘necessary to have a voice…’ blah blah. That’s basically your go-to evasion tactic when people call you on your nonsense and you’ve got nowhere else to go (Quick! They aren’t buying our nonsense, we need to explain how we’re all about spreading propaganda ‘educating’ others before we’re forced to admit we’re dumbasses who can’t support our positions with anything resembling Fact or Sound Reasoning! Everyone loves ‘knowledge’ and ‘education’, right?).

I’ve heard all of it before and, while I could take the time out to completely level those arguments, I’ve decided to, instead, deliver unto you a Public Service Announcement to the effect of: If YOU continue on THIS path, you and your cause will be destroyed.

You guys and gals (and however many other genders you want to make-pretend ‘exist’) have been saying for some time that ‘this country is waking up from a long slumber’. You are, surprisingly, correct. Unfortunately, it’s not the ‘sleeping giant of love and harmony’ that you think has been woken up. This is a different breed of monster that YOU created when you never bothered matching your actions to your words that will sweep you and your pathetic fascist efforts and safe spaces from the face of this planet forever (or at least for the next 30 years or so before people become soft-minded, self-righteous, and self-entitled again).

It all started with the bullshit stigma you’ve been trying to plaster on anything and anyone who might agree with Donald Trump in any way, shape, or form. You’re backing yourself into a corner on this subject, you’ve removed any potential concession positions and escapes, and I don’t really think you ignorant dirt-suckers understand what the consequences of your actions are going to be, so let me spell it out for you.

Once you start stigmatizing Trump and shouting down anyone who might agree or be willing to work with him on the issues affecting this nation, here’s what you can expect to happen:

Individuals of a liberal leaning will refuse to work with him regardless of what he proposes, as far as policies are concerned. They’ll be afraid of facing recriminations from you for being a ‘sell-out to The Cause’. You’ve already attacked prominent actors, entertainers, and lawmakers for doing just that. While you might think this is a ‘clever way’ of protesting his presidency and forwarding the ‘liberal-progressive cause’, you’re absolutely wrong on the matter.

What it’ll do is force Trump to work with people who are willing to work with him because they don’t care about your opinions, feelings, or safe spaces and strongly agree with the populist trolling he was utilizing during his presidential campaign. I’m talking the full-on ‘fire all the illegals back across the border from a cannon and build a 5 mile high impenetrable wall complete with moats filled with AIDS-infected alligators to keep illegals out’ kind of people. The True Believers of the Arch-Conservative world. Trump is going to find the best people for the job who are willing to help him find solutions to this country’s major issues, regardless of their political affiliation.

A lot of conservatives will applaud your decision and say ‘good riddance to all those god-damned liberals out there who refuse to work with Him on anything’. But do you really think liberal causes or America is going to be better off by refusing to be part of any kind of solution? The ‘Affordable’ Care Act is an example of what happens when you don’t get the best and brightest of ALL political leanings to work on a solution to a problem (that nobody really wanted to solve in the first place). That legislative dumpster fire has had far more downside than up to it. That’s just a Fact, at this point. It’s no longer an opinion or up for debate amongst people who are serious or well-informed on the issue. If you think otherwise, you’re Wrong. Moving on…

And this leads to the second reason: once you decide to not work with him on anything, the rest of the country won’t view you as ‘valiant crusaders who are stalwart and brave; the True Defenders of America’. Let’s cut the shit on that kind of thinking. You’ll be viewed as obstructionist assholes who’d rather burn the whole thing down because you can’t have it all than become part of the solution to bail out and patch a sinking boat. Republicans did that in 2009 and how did that work out again? You are literally repeating the same mistakes that Republicans of the past made 8 years ago with this obstructionist stance.

The Bad Thing for you is, Trump looks like he wants to actually tackle things like Poverty, Jobs, Health Care, and Immigration. He doesn’t look like he’s going to be one to wait around for people to get on-board with what he’s looking to do. And the odds that he’s going to keep his mouth shut about the political deadlock that’s been a consistent theme in Washington are about the same odds for a space invasion from unicorn-riding leprechauns.

He’s going to call you and your spineless representatives out on their political brinkmanship, posturing, and backstabbery on social media. And the more he talks to the American people about possible solutions that he’s kicking around, many of the undecided voters who voted Democratic are going to start wavering when they realize that he’s serious about the job and is legitimately trying to find solutions to better Americans’ lives. They’ll bail on the obstructionist Democratic ticket in 2018, causing even more congressional seats to go Republican. Once he starts getting more legislators in who are willing to work on what he’s proposing, he’ll start cramming all manner of legislation through that you won’t be able to have a say in or stop.

And once he can make the portrayal of Democrats and liberals being obstructionist crybabies opposed to Real Solutions complete, the Liberal-Progressive movement will be dead. As in week-old-upside-down-floating-smelly-goldfish kind of dead. Nobody in America will believe or listen to a single thing you have to say because they’ll know that you’re a bunch of spineless, self-indulgent, deluded little peckers who can’t handle the responsibility of political power or doing what’s best for this country.

*** In case you hadn’t noticed, this ‘new’ understanding of the Progressive movement has been evolving and expanding across the country for the past couple of years and should have been blatantly apparent to you when America voted Trump into the White House. It’s not like he’s a George Washington/Jesus hybrid with decades of political experience, after all. The fact that he won, against you, the media, nearly all the ‘celebrities’ from Hollywood, a wide variety of special interest groups, and Hillary should tell you that YOU are losing the moderates, centrists and undecideds of this country.

They’re starting to actually see what Progressives and their ideals are really about: hate-shaming those who disagree with them, using hate-speech to belittle and shame dissenters, practicing intolerance and ignorance, resorting to violence instead of honest discussion to resolve differences of opinion, and refusing to compromise on any and everything, including their ‘moral crusades’ that are composed and supported by fairy dust and donkey toots.***

This leads directly to the 3rd reason why avoiding Trump will destroy the liberal-progressive crusade. Up to this point, I’ve only casually mentioned the consequences of treating Trump like Gonosyphiherpechlamydiaids. The above was just to show you what’s going to happen to the variety of advisors that Trump will surround himself with and how the composition of Congress will change. That was all about how your refusal to interact with him will affect the policies of his administration and how his ideas will become Law without your input in the long run. The third reason alludes to the effect your little temper tantrums will have on his supporters and the general public. And this one is more dangerous to you, personally.

His supporters are looking to him to ‘save the day/country’ but if they see that you aren’t bothering to give him the benefit of the doubt and hear him out on what he proposes, they’ll start to take matters into their own hands. So let’s break down why this will happen.

When you have ignorant little shit-bags who go out of their way to torment and torture a white handicapped boy to get him to denounce Trump and ‘white privilege’ on a Facebook live feed and you refuse to denounce or call this behavior for what it is, you start pushing on The Gate.

When you start shutting down traffic and destroying/looting businesses to ‘protest’ Trump’s election in your liberal strongholds, despite the fact that you’re preaching to the same choir who voted against Trump (you idiots!) and start infringing on people’s abilities to conduct their own business and go about their day, you keep pushing on The Gate.

When you start beating the hell out of Trump supporters simply because they happen to agree with his economic positions, his views on immigration, or simply because they agree that Washington D.C. is a festering pus pocket of the worst ilk of humanity that needs to be drained, you start pushing harder on The Gate.

You aren’t convincing anyone to join your cause with these tactics. Sooner or later, people will have enough of your shit. And judging from ALL of the news stories from legitimate news sources and eyewitness accounts over the past 2 years, the consistent theme HASN’T been violence being initially perpetrated BY Trump supporters but by Anti-Trumpers. It hasn’t been Trump supporters who hijack Bernie Sanders or Trump rallies. It hasn’t been Trump supporters who attack undecided voters because of their skin color and perceived political affiliation. It hasn’t been Trump supporters out there destroying other people’s property during their protests. It’s been you. And the more you keep trying to shut down, berate, and attack people, the more you keep pushing open The Gate to The True Nastiness of the Human Condition that’s lurking behind Trump supporters and the general public. You’ve displayed your Nasty side. That’s been on full display from the very beginning. What you haven’t seen is Theirs.

Trump supporters and the regular public have tried to play nice with you and obeyed the Law. You have not. They’ve tried to use non-violence and conversation as a means of discussing the issues that are affecting them. You have not. You’ve turned a deaf ear to them and consistently responded with truly mindless violence, destruction, and hatred. The time is coming where, if you refuse to work with Trump or his supporters and the general public and continue to resort to violence to try and get your ignorant way, their violent side will come bursting out to meet yours. They’ve got too much at stake to back down now and they’ll figure out that there’s no point to choosing the ‘higher road’ when all it leads to is their continued victimization at your hands. Bad news is, they own 97% of this country’s legally purchased firearms and a sizeable portion have military or hunting experience.

So, do the math and figure it out. Your little tantrums regarding Trump aren’t going to be tolerated for much longer. You’ll start facing the same (or worse) shit that you’ve been gratuitously shoving down conservatives’ throats for the past 10 years.

This is the moment that determines your fate. Are you going to continue being ignorant, immature asshats who will continue backing yourselves into a corner (and over a cliff) or will you take the only escape route that’s available by growing up and working with those who are intent on fixing the messes of this country?

It’s really up to you and I don’t really care how it turns out. Personally, I voted for a Massive Meteor Strike and Yellowstone Super Eruption for President, so I’ve got zero bones in This Game. (It’s SOOO much easier to start over than to patch a thoroughly broken system, is my thought on the matter.) Just thought I’d give you a little heads-up as to your limited options in the months and years to come.

You’re welcome.



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