An Open Letter to Barack Obama regarding the ‘Russian Influence’ in this election.

Author’s Note: This has gotten out-of-hand. And by ‘This’, I mean the response that has been generated by a group of people who should really learn how to lose a presidential election with some dignity and class.

To Barack Obama:

I, along with the rest of the American public, would like to thank you for your sincere efforts in getting Donald Trump elected in this most recent election. While it may seem ‘shocking’ that I would thank you for such a peculiar and seemingly impossible feat, allow me the chance to explain. And to do so, we have to go back to your actions in 2008.

Look, Barry, I get it. You struggled to win the Democratic Party’s nomination back in 2008 and that forced you to step off the Left’s beaten path of ‘never insult or call out the blatant corruption within our own ranks, we’ve got fiscal conservatives and Christians to silence and babies to kill’, but you screwed the pooch BIG TIME when you called out Hillary for what she does and says with your now infamous, She will say and do anything to get elected’ line.

You were absolutely right, for once… (The Law of Averages catches up to us all, sooner or later.) But, thanks to the enduring nature of digital media, your comments in THAT election could be used on numerous occasions during THIS one. And what’s even more remarkable is that, while your remarks were completely accurate on her lack of anything resembling ‘ethical behavior’, you doubly screwed up by doing the absolute dumbest thing imaginable once you became president!

You made her your Secretary of State! I mean, that was just full-blown idiocy! You effectively slit her political throat in 2008 by exposing the Entire World to the fact that she’s a compulsive liar and career crook who’s in bed with Wall Street and foreign money, and then you handed her the knife, asked her to keep her Clinton money laundering operation ‘Foundation’ work separate from her work in the State Department, and then you turned your back on Her?!?

For a man who is purportedly ‘one of the most brilliant minds of this generation’, you are, most assuredly, one of the dumbest people in existence. You don’t do something like that to someone who has personally and professionally crucified everyone who has made them look bad in the past 30 years (including those who were on ‘her team’ and had proven their loyalty to her) and expect that they’ll just roll over and play nice with you once you’ve won. (And this is without even counting all those mysterious fatal ‘accidents’, lengthy prison sentences, and sketchy ‘suicides’ that have occurred to her ex-employees and business associates who might’ve been looking to testify against her and Bill.)

You triply screwed up by not forcing her to operate by an ethical standard that would help make sure she wouldn’t or couldn’t crucify you on the World Stage. Which she proceeded to do…at every possible turn. And she didn’t care about the repercussions to your global image, legacy, or her own political future. She thought she was above any kind of fall-out.

I mean, judging from the Wikileaks releases from Hillary’s email correspondence, she sabotaged your public image from the very beginning by stalling and rejecting a military response to the attack on Benghazi even when she had intelligence for several months that an attack was likely…. Then, she lied to the families and the American public on the root causes of the attack just to make you look weak and ineffective as a world leader. A Free Life Lesson: Loyalty to those who are actively seeking your destruction is asinine.

You quadruply screwed up by giving her a free leash to act in your name and then deciding to never call her to account. That only emboldened her to take actions that were clearly designed to benefit herself and her family, even when it conflicted with National Security and Her ‘Promise’ to you.

She accepted millions of dollars through her foundation from the Russian-owned Uranium One group which directly benefited from her actions as Secretary of State, as SHE was the one who approved the sale of Uranium mineral mining rights on U.S. soil to the same Russians you’re currently blaming for ‘rigging’ or ‘influencing’ this election.

She dallied and danced with every known 3rd world dictator and despotic regime in the Middle East for ‘donations’ to her ‘charitable foundation’ whose goal is to eliminate poverty and fight for Human Rights around the world. You’re telling me that this didn’t set off any alarms? Like….at all?

That’d be like me starting a ‘foundation’ to ‘promote and grow organic, all-natural food’ and then getting a massive donation…… from Monsanto. At that point, it should be blatantly obvious to the entire world that I don’t really give a rat’s ass about the cause I’m ‘crusading for’ since I’m willing to gobble up money like a stingy casino.

She was either actively engaged in directly supporting ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever the f-ck they want to call themselves these days (you can wrap a turd in wrapping paper, it’s still a turd), or, at the very least, actively bungled the operations to eradicate ISIS/ISIL/WTF to ensure that they’d be allowed to grow into a dangerous blight in the area with worldwide implications. Which shouldn’t have been surprising since her Foundation’s ‘donors’ in the Middle East have been funding ISIS/ISIL/WTF from the very beginning. And still, you did nothing?

Then, there was the whole ‘private email server’ debacle. You had the opportunity to keep Hillary from cutting your throat and her own, politically, by putting your foot down and demanding that everything be run through transparent and secure channels. But you didn’t. And what’d she do? She hammered her government-issued devices to pieces, Bleachbit her servers, and lied….REPEATEDLY to  Congressional investigations on it and Benghazi. Even that spineless pecker Jim Comey, who must have discovered his ‘own’ handwritten suicide note during the investigation, was forced to come clean and admit that nearly every word out of her mouth was an utter lie. Some lies are believable. Hers weren’t even close. If that wasn’t truly damning guilty behavior, conspiracy to commit a crime, or criminal negligence, I’m really not sure what is…

You quintuply screwed up by ignoring Bill Clinton’s illegal electioneering in the Democratic primaries earlier this year. Pennsylvania ring a bell? That just shows you were playing favorites from the very beginning and when Billy-boy stopped in to chat with Loretta Lynch and you were mum about the whole thing, people started talking about a double standard. And when there’s a double standard involved, you’re going to alienate a lot of people that you can’t afford to lose.

Sextuply, you compounded your situation by not hammering the DNC on running a clean Primary that was free from bias. Had that happened, Bernie would be the next commander-in-chief, not Donald Tiddleywinks. Hillary is the only person on the planet who could’ve lost to Trump (you know… besides the entire out-of-touch Republican establishment who got obliterated by him in their Primary).

You septuply screwed up by pushing a racist narrative through that propaganda hydra known as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the other mainstream media outlets. Had you portrayed yourself as an individual of steadfast leadership and integrity who was concerned about The Rule of Law and The Truth, half the nation wouldn’t have grown to view you as a corrupt, incompetent, racist political hack who CLEARLY wasn’t interested in doing His job to uphold Law and Order.

All you proved was that you were willing to pander to loud-mouthed law-breaking scumbags (of any and all races) in order to incite a race war to try and secure the minority vote for this election after you spent 8 years completely ignoring them. You needed more than that. You can’t win a majority of voters by pandering to the minority of minority voters who are attacking that majority. It’s basic math and simple logic.

You octuply screwed up by not enforcing Immigration laws. That’s basically Your Job. To enforce the Laws on The Books. If you don’t agree with some of the Laws or wish to enforce new ones, that’s where you go through Congress or the American people to do such a thing. Not just take it upon yourself to determine which Laws should be enforced, which should be not enforced, and to arbitrarily decide to craft ‘new ones’ (without Congress’ input) that you’ll gladly ‘enforce’ through Executive Order. That’d be like a doctor picking and choosing who gets to receive life-saving treatment and who ‘gets’ to be forcibly euthanized or have their organs harvested for the ‘greater good’. We aren’t China and the President was never meant to be a dick-tator. Seriously. Look it up, Mr. ‘Constitutional Scholar’.

Once you started in on the ‘well, I really don’t like this Law because not enforcing it will make my team look great in the election with a key demographic’, you lost any hope of being viewed as credible, effective, trustworthy, or as remotely concerned about the integrity of this election, making any statement you deliver in front of the media on the subject to come across as nothing more than a pompous, vacuous, partisan shill. Great job!

What your own actions created was a political firestorm that helped ensure that Donald Trump would be elected. So, just cut the shit with this whole ‘Russians were responsible for the hacking of this election’. The fault was all yours, Hillary’s and the Democratic party’s and blaming Russia or anyone other than yourself just makes you look even more weak, half-witted, and pathetic than you already are. Which, frankly, didn’t seem possible.

You… and I… and America all know that Russia’s role in this election was minor, at best. Trump called you out for what you and Hillary were doing and people saw the Exact. Same. Thing. You never cleaned up your act, you didn’t deviate from the script you were delivered, and you adamantly refused to do The Right Thing by Doing Your Job. You could have stopped yourselves from being seen as monstrously corrupt and exploitative at any point. But you chose not to make the effort.

The fact that Wikileaks proved that Trump’s ‘wild’ accusations of the corruption and hijacking of democracy that was actually going on behind the scenes in the Democratic party were Accurate, merely sealed your fate. It’s why you couldn’t rig the election for Hillary. Trump called your party’s play before you could make it. Jill Stein uncovered part of its presence in Detroit, Michigan. Good for her. At least the recount served some function besides blowing millions of frantic, sore-loser liberal dollars on fruitless endeavors and wasting the general public’s time.

And yes, Barry, I know that the real reason you’re making such a fuss over the matter now is because Comey probably found your ‘impending heart attack, despite being in great health’ obituary in his investigation into Hillary’s illegal private server. Your tragic end* will cause much….idk… faint consternation? Mild regret amongst the masses? 12 minutes of media coverage on a slow news day?

I’d like to be nice and say ‘heartfelt anguish and international mourning’ but let’s face it, that’s reserved for Men (or Women) with an Unquestionable and Uncompromising Character, Unrivaled Vision, and an Impressive Legacy of Monumental Accomplishments that Bettered the World that they’re leaving behind. None of which you have. You pawned all that off to try to ‘make peace’ with The Devil instead of Standing for Something Important.

History will forget you and your presidency or, at best, regard it (and you) with the harshest derision and scorn imaginable.

What were you thinking?


Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to continue to voice some support for my preferred presidential candidate in this election since it’s not too late for them to make a surprise electoral college comeback to take this country where it needs to go:

Yellowstone Super Eruption
Catastrophic Meteor Strike


Mass Extinction You Can Believe In!


*This is purely speculation at this point. My guess is that the only reasons that Barack Obama is parroting this ‘Russian hackers’ nonsense, despite all the evidence stating that it was a non-issue as far as this election was concerned, is:

a) to smoke out the true informant within the Democratic Party by offering insults to their egos by giving credit where credit isn’t due,

b) to trip up Julian Assange into giving up his source out of pure frustration with the amount of stupidity coming out of Obama’s administration and the C.I.A.,

c) because he knows that the informant is already dead and can’t come forward to refute his and her claims that ‘the Russians did it’ *ahem* Seth Rich *ahem*, which might have allowed him to potentially ‘rally the troops’ for a false flag event like Bush did with Iraq.

I mean, it won’t work this time since those who are most willing to enlist and go to war against foreign actors are the ones who didn’t want Hillary as their President in the first place. And those who did are such pathetic pussies that they’ll yammer on for a few months about ‘war being the sensible option and necessary to preserve our independence from foreign influence’ but they’ll eventually settle into crying in a near catatonic state followed by resorting to passive-aggressive verbal sniping at the new President because they’re spineless cowards who would never actually step out of their ‘safe spaces’.)

4) because he knows that he’d better take the political self-preservation route on the subject and levy knowingly false accusations against a foreign power in a show of solidarity with Hillary instead of Speaking Truth, like he did in 2008 which would result in future grievous injury at her insistence, or

e) because he really is dumber and more out-of-touch with Real Americans than I’ve given him credit for. What can I say, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt? I’m just one hopelessly optimistic fellow who thinks the best of people, after all. *sarcasm alert*


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