Say what?!? — The Colin Kaepernick mystery.


Colin Kaepernick, as some of you may know, is a ‘professional’ quarterback in the NFL who recently ‘made waves’ with some words and some fairly disrespectful potshots at the state of this nation from his Ivory Tower in his home of…I don’t know…Douchebagistan? (I’m only assuming that’s where he lives since he’s ‘representin’ his ‘hood so well.)

The story goes that the ‘poor, set-upon’ Colin Kaepernick, ‘feeling outraged’ at the treatment of minorities in this country, has refused to stand at the playing of the U.S. National Anthem that usually precedes most athletic competitions in this country until ‘things change’. Now, a lot of people have taken exception to this stance for various reasons, none of which have been particularly compelling enough for me to list in great detail, and counter-reaction to the cause has been just as uninspiring since it’s basically bull$hit Black Lives Matter histrionics and not based on much of the way of Fact (something I’m fairly fond of, myself). Since I like research, I decided to do about 15 minutes of research into the matter and have stumbled into a weird country of Whatthefrenchtoastisgoingonthisdoesn’tmakesense-istan. So grab a change of clothes and some toiletries (nothing over 3 ounces), I’ll show you around.

First off, a bit about Colin, because you should always know about a person before bashing their teeth in for being a self-righteous, petulant, ignorant, f&cking moron:

Colin is adopted. Here are his adopted parents and family. Notice anything particularly unique about this setup? They’re all…… White. But apparently, that doesn’t seem to bother him too much. But what about his birth mother and ‘father’? Where are they in this picture? Well, his birth mother is White and her name is Heidi Russo. She gave Colin up for adoption when she was 19 because Colin’s father bailed on her and him, leaving her to raise him as a destitute single mother in Milwaukee (why does that place sound so familiar? Oh. That.). She felt that the best she could offer little baby Colin was the opportunity to grow up in a home…that was not her own. Notice that she chose Life instead of aborting him, which is a fairly common theme among those living in her purported circumstance at the time.

I get it. It’s extremely rough at the bottom of the barrel in society. I’ve been ‘enjoying’ the view from the same general area for the past 25+ years. It sucks. What sucks even worse is being a single parent in that kind of situation. Any single parent can attest to that. Got to work one, two, three jobs or more just to make ends meet and to raise a kid on top of that? It’s just too damn hard to survive with a child that needs attention, love, and resources that you can’t possibly provide on your own. But what sucks most of all is when you’re a woman in this situation. Because it sure as s#it doesn’t get easier in life when you have a kid and the baby daddy just bails on you.

Lower class single mothers (around that age) typically end up without an education or learning a Trade because of the demands of childcare upon them, resulting in much lower incomes for them and their family to survive on. And since it seems to be a fairly common theme, and since little baby Colleen Kaepernick brought the issue of ‘race’ into the discussion, did I mention that his daddy was Black?

Now, I’d really like to act like all these Über White Liberals would about this new ‘shocking-but-clearly-not-related’ admission to the story, but I’m lower working class White (so they tell me), I have a spine, and I don’t live in a glass house. So, f&ck you, I’m throwing stones.

See, an overwhelming epidemic in this country, which Colin would have been reminded on a daily basis had he grown up with his birth mother, is that a substantial  number of Black males in the lower portion of society ditch their ‘baby mamas’ once they find out that they’re pregnant. They’re too busy ‘chasin’ other b!tches’ and saying, “f&ck that hoe, she a gold digger, homey ain’t got time for that!”

How do I know? Because, that s#it has happened in my own family. Multiple times, in fact. I’ve watched cousins suffer through heartbreak after heartbreak as they get pregnant by some whiny, arrogant, self-indulgent, b!tch-a$$ playa’ who bails on them when it comes time to pony up to some Actual Responsibility. And it’s not just my family that this has happened to, all it takes is turning over just a few rocks to see the trend that’s playing out in American culture. African American children are living without their fathers in approximately 67% of homes and African American children are born out of wedlock approximately 72% of the time. There’s a shocker. I’m glad I was sitting down for such a stunning turn of events that unfolded as I was typing it out. Whew!

Thankfully, we have high and mighty Lord Colin not of house Kaepernick to bemoan the ‘widespread abuse and mistreatment’ of minorities in this country. Because he’s somehow so ‘wise and awe-inspiring with all the boundless success and respectability that he’s achieved and displayed on the field and in life’, that he’s capable of shining a Truly Due Light on all manner of inequities that nobody would have seen without his Greatness showing us the way.

The only problem is, Lord Colin is forgetting some key information. The first bit of info is crime statistics. If you feel the police are unnecessarily targeting a group of the population, you should probably support that statement with criminal justice numbers or something resembling Facts. You know, prove that a group is more frequently targeted, arrested, and then not convicted of crimes. If the complaint is that violence is disproportionately used against Blacks, prove that Blacks aren’t committing violent crimes at a far greater rate than the rest of the population. Violence is used to counter violence. If you’re part of a group that uses violence more than everyone else is and are more prone to responding violently to police intervention, you’ve got nothing to complain about when the police use violence to stop you. Police enforce the law (or at least they’re supposed to).

The second bit of info has to do with sacrifice. You want to bitch about how this country hasn’t done enough for Black people? Show how Blacks have sacrificed disproportionately more or done more for this country than any other group. You get what you give, after all.

So, let’s take a look at the first bit of information that wittle baby Colleen is ignoring. He says that minorities are disproportionately targeted by police violence. Wait a minute, since the overwhelming majority of violent crime committed against minorities (specifically African Americans) is by other African Americans, there’s sort of a problem with this Lord Colleen’s White-shaming claim. Since the statistics overwhelming show that the majority of crimes that are committed between those of different races involve Blacks being the perpetrator and those of different races being the victim (Whites are victimized 5.6 times more by Blacks than Blacks are victimized by Whites, Hispanics are victimized 4.7 times more by Blacks than Blacks are victimized by Hispanics, and Blacks are responsible for 62% of the violent crimes committed against other Blacks and represent at least 22.4% of all violent crimes in America despite representing only 12.2% of the population.), Colin seems to be talking out of his ass.

At least as far as violent crime is concerned, African Americans are far more frequently victimizing their own race and other races (White, Hispanic and ‘Other’) than they are victimized by said ‘other races’. Maybe Colin should brush up on Statistics, Criminal Justice, and the finer details of Debate when he’s Riding the Pine this year instead of doing anything meaningful with his life. (Quick! ‘Convert’ to another religion that you think is being victimized so you can feel victimized too! And make sure that religion, more than ANY OTHER in History has enslaved and brutalized Black people (Because they still do it today). Because Irony is never greater than when you do something like that.)

Then, he talks of this ‘systemic’ racism and ‘lack of opportunities’ for minorities. Which is confusing to me in the extreme. Poor White People don’t have the National Association for the Advancement of White People (as opposed to the NAACP), we don’t have the United Caucasian College Fund (as opposed to the United Negro College Fund), we don’t have the benefits of Affirmative Action working in our favor for entrance to Universities or mandatory Job Quotas and diversity-first hiring practices for employment opportunities in the workforce and we don’t have the benefit of pulling out the race card to justify dumbass decisions, actions, or attitudes that result in our own failure to succeed.

Is there some racism still out there? I’m sure there is. But the fight against racism is a two-way street. Racism (and stereotyping in general) is heavily dependent on the actions of the stereotyper (the one who’s discriminating) and the one being stereotyped (the one being discriminated against). If the members of your race (or group) are consistently acting in a manner that precludes others from interacting with them safely, you’re going to be forever classed as a threat and dealt with accordingly.

Then, there’s the 2nd bit of information that wittle Colin is forgetting. It has to do with the concept of Sacrifice.

rw1Let’s start with the Revolutionary War, where, depending on your source, anywhere from 20-70,000 Americans died to set up a system of government that guaranteed the Natural Rights of its Citizens. Records are sketchy, at best, but the number of Black soldiers seems to be in the hundreds, not thousands. So, if 20-70,000 Americans died in the fight for Independence and only a few hundred of those Patriots were Black, how many were Not Black (my math is fuzzy)?

Did they get it perfectly right on the first try? Hell no. Did they set up a process by which major changes could be made to perfect the fledgling attempt at self-governance, unlike many, many countries of the same time period and even in today’s world? You betcha.

cw1Then, we can talk about the Civil War, where only 30,000 out of the 360,000 men who died on the Union side of things were Black and now we’re looking at some MASSIVE White sacrifices for a war that was ‘only fought over Slavery’ (despite the fact that it was fought over the reasons of Slavery, International Trade, and whether States could legally Secede from the Union, the latter two being far more relevant to the Federal Government than the first).

So, a huge number of White men died to end the slavery of Blacks. Perhaps, most damning, to do such a thing, the Union Army had to neutralize the strength of the Confederates. That strength lay in cotton…in tobacco…in agriculture. Which meant burning those crops to the ground. More precisely, it meant burning the only source of Confederate wealth, and the only means that Confederates could use to fight The War, to the ground. Which left the South in poverty….. for generations. (Want to know where Reparations went? Up in flames, that’s where. It was either that or your ancestors could remain slaves. Your choice.) And the Union wasn’t too kind about rebuilding the South or letting the South forget that they started The War and lost The War. Which probably played a role in forming the Jim Crow laws and widespread segregation that provoked the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

And let’s be clear: I’m not here to say that the actions of those in The South were justified. I’ve got zero bones in that game. My family emigrated to America from France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Eastern Europe in the 1910s, married into Native American families and mostly settled in the Midwest. Means that I’ve got zero slave owning ancestors in this country at any point of this country’s history. But I can see how things progressed to where they ended up.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you have some prissy outsiders beat you at something, kill your neighbors and family, destroy your pride, take away your wealth, leave you with no legitimate means to acquire future wealth, demand that others, that you used to treat abominably to acquire previously stated wealth, be treated as equals, constantly rub your nose in your disgrace and failure to defend something that’s morally reprehensible in the first place, then leave you to your own devices for decades, you’re going to resort to any means necessary to reacquire some measure of greatness…and that usually means victimizing some other group. (So, basically, the same attitude as minorities in the inner city have today.)

This was the cost of freedom for many slaves in the South. The Union fought and died for them, then left them to fend for themselves as America pursued other goals.

ww21Like fighting and defeating a Nazi ideology that sprang up in Europe that was hell-bent on exterminating all minorities as they were deemed the ‘inferior’ races. So, America tossed ~12,000,000 men and women into combat (by the War’s end) with about ~1,000,000 minorities serving alongside. Making it a roughly 91% White European-descendant military fighting against a White European regime aimed at exterminating all non-White people.

That’s what White People have sacrificed for Blacks. Whites have gone to war, killed their brothers and sisters on this continent, flown and sailed across the ocean to kill and be killed by their distant European relatives who had no quarrel with them. Whites have done far more sacrificing for the Rights and Continued Existence of Blacks and Minorities than Minorities have. What would have happened if Hitler and the Nazi Party had continued without White America entering World War 2? His goal was the extermination of ‘inferior’ races. That wouldn’t have just stop once they’d conquered Europe. That kind of thing doesn’t end.

And what did Blacks do with all these White folks sacrificing for them? Largely nothing. Not a whole lot to do in the South, after the Civil War, while it slowly worked its way out of the grinding poverty of Reconstruction (without a whole lot of help from the North). What about the rest of the country? Michigan. Illinois. Maryland. New York. California. Wisconsin. These states weren’t in the South or under the influence of slavery at the end of the Civil War, so they shouldn’t have been affected by truly institutionalized racism.

I can tell you what happened. Detroit. Chicago. Baltimore. New York City. Los Angeles. Milwaukee. Drug epidemics, gang wars, crime waves, murder sprees, anarchy, riots; these cities became synonymous with the terms. Racism didn’t just pack its bags and decide to move North and West into the inner cities once the Civil Rights movement ended. Something had to propel it to grow where it initially…. wasn’t. But we don’t ask that question because it starts uncovering some very ugly concepts that BLM doesn’t want to address. But we’ll moveback to Civil Rights because that’s where everyone ‘claims’ that today’s movements draw their moral support.

The Civil Rights movement started in The South, lobbying for the end to Jim Crow laws and Segregation and calling for Blacks to take control of their own Destiny and step into the waiting Void of Upstanding Men and Women that could impact this country in a positive and powerful fashion. Jim Crow laws were overturned, Segregation ended….then what? Where was the Fulfillment of Black Men and Women’s Destiny? It never seemed to happen. Even with the help of White People passing Affirmative Action laws to give a further boost to their minority brethren… Not much has changed.

White people can’t give you self-respect, self-restraint, or success. They can’t force you to take it or decide that it’s something worth working for. That’s on you to grab hold of on your own.

Are there hardworking, upstanding darker skinned brothers and sisters out there who have struggled and found some measure of success? Absolutely. I grew up with quite a few. But when you only have a few shining success stories amidst a sea of despair that’s intent on not letting anyone else leave it’s depths, this tends to drown those stories out completely.

So, the question I have is….what else can ‘White America’ do to make it any easier for minorities? It’s fought and died… for you. It’s created and destroyed this country… for you. It’s crushed regimes that are fully intent on exterminating your existencefor you. It’s impeded the success of its own members… for you. It’s given you a country that is nominally safe and free from the disastrous situations that are and have been occurring in your homelands around the world, provided you access to some of the world’s best education and the opportunity (but not the guarantee) for a better lifestyle than any other country in the world. It’s even given you the right to voice your opinions, to organize and protest unimpeded (for the most part), and exercise freedoms that aren’t enjoyed in many of your homelands.

You can’t refuse to educate yourselves or accept an education, refuse to take advantage of all the academic and professional opportunities that are out there to further yourselves, refuse to follow the law, refuse to respect yourself, your neighbors or their property and businesses, refuse to make something of yourselves by joining the military, refuse to take responsibility for your actions, and then expect that the world is just going to bend over even more just because you scream, rant, and rave about not getting EXACTLY what you want out of life without having to work for it. What kind of dumbasses do you think make up the rest of society? Not all of us are Lily White Guilted (Gilded? Gelded? Any of them fit…) Liberals. Figure it out.

And then this Colleen Capering-Dick demands that the country does more to help you out or else he’ll continue disrespecting this country and the sacrifices it’s made for minorities around the world? (Oh no! Wasn’t that the guy whose only experience with oppression and getting screwed by The Man was when he met the Baltimore Defense in Super Bowl XLVII? Who is he again? Better yet, who f&cking cares.)

So there you have it.

Colleen Colin Kaepernick, here’s what you are: You’re the hypocritical son of a Black man who bailed on your White woman mother, who put you up for adoption so you could have the opportunity to escape what so many other children ‘enjoy’ with deadbeat fathers (poverty and no hope for the future), only to be plucked up and raised by two WHITE adopted parents that nurtured you and provided you with the resources that your Black father was never going to give you, that allowed you to make use of your ‘gifts’ at the highest level of competition and pay available in a country that has fought itself and other countries to insure that you, a minority, have the right to continue to exist and voice your dumbass opinion on the national stage.

You are the product of ‘White Privilege’ stepping in to save you from the neglect and willful ignorance of your own people. Of White America sacrificing itself so you can breathe free. It’s tragic that you decided to forget about actually acquiring an education when you passed through school on your way to the Pros because that education would’ve stopped you from opening your dumbass mouth to put yourself in the spotlight and in the crosshairs of people who don’t take kindly to bulls#it of any form. Which would be Me. You don’t know how lucky you’ve had it or you’d be a lot more respectful, you narcissistic prick. Had all ‘white people’ treated ‘your’ kind the way you claim, you wouldn’t be ‘earning’ millions of dollars a year while sitting on a$$. And you wouldn’t have to worry about refusing to ever see your biological mother, like you’ve done up to this point, because you’d still be living with her in the no-way-out lifestyle of the definitely not rich or famous.

In other words, how about you kiss your biceps some more and go F&ck Yourself, Colin Kaepernick? You’re a Clown.

Have a great day.


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