It’s Cool to be Uneducated about what being ‘Uneducated’ actually means

Author’s note: In the spirit of full disclosure (something that’s typically not done in today’s world of special interests and felonious bolognius behavior), I have a few ‘advanced’ degrees in the ‘Scientific field’ as it exists in the American education system. Not that this means anything in regards to being ‘educated’, just thought that I’d warn those who might ignorantly believe that I haven’t spent countless mind-numbing hours taking tests that have no applicability to Real World Situations (as well as some that do) to satisfy the requirements for a Master’s level (or higher) education.

That being disclosed, this article is about the rampant use of the term ‘uneducated’ by people who clearly have their heads up their a$$es and don’t actually know what the term means (but somehow feel justified in using the term). Kinda like the terms ‘misogynistic’, ‘homophobic’, and ‘racist’. These other terms might be addressed at a different time if I ever summon up the ‘courage’ (another abused term) to become a mighty ‘warrior’ (again…abused) who’s willing to ‘fight’ (a pattern has developed, if you couldn’t tell…) against the ‘Forces of Evil’ (soooo much abuse in this sentence)to address these grievous ‘injuries’ (holy crap, is that a record?) upon Human Discourse.

Educated. Uneducated. I see these words plastered all over the Internet these days. Typically, they’re used to label people as either ‘smart’ or ‘not-smart’. While I’m sure there’s a term for this ‘not-smart’ state, the issue is that there’s a lot of this surreptitious ‘judgment without actually being judgmental’ going on in the world. It’s not the outright judgment that’s in your face and direct like the kind that I typically employ in these little (or not-so-little) posts because I… a) actually know what’s going on, 2) understand the arguments both for and against a position, can crush both whenever I feel like it, and c) because I don’t give a rat’s ass about whether people think I’m ‘mean’ or a ‘jerk’. (Because, in today’s world, Being Right = Being Mean and Intolerant, apparently?) Being honest and direct with judgement is not the form that this New-Age passive-aggressive judgment takes. The people who do the judging of who is ‘educated’, or not, are the people who most loudly protest against people being judgmental towards them. You know the types:

“Only God can judge me!”

“Before you can judge me, you better walk a mile in my shoes!”

“You don’t know what it’s like….to be the bad man. To be the sad man.”

I think that last one was from a song….maybe.

The point is, these types of people are those who don’t want to appear as being judgmental, so they couch their words in ‘soft’ language to try to cover up the fact that they’ve already passed judgment on others but don’t want to seem like a Colossal Dick when someone calls them on it:

“We must take the opportunity to see things from the position of others!”

“Can we really make the claim that what this person has done is bad?”

“Who gets to determine what’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in the first place?”

These people like to muddy up the conversational waters so as to keep their positions nebulous, to keep people from pointing out the flaws in their arguments, and to sound smarter than they really are. It’s why they started throwing around the term ‘uneducated’ to discuss their opponents on particular issues. They love these kinds of words because the use of these ‘highly intelligent’ sounding words are drugs that fuel their egos. And like the self-aggrandizing addicts they are, they horribly abuse their drug of choice.

So, let’s look at the term ‘uneducated’. Maybe it’s the change in definition that’s to blame for people misusing it? Maybe I’m wrong and they’re using it correctly? I mean, me being wrong about things is theoretically possible, I suppose…?

A quick internet dictionary search shows that uneducated means ‘lacking education’. But what the hell does that even mean? What does it mean to ‘have education’, i.e. be educated? An additional search says that being ‘educated’ means ‘having been educated’, which seems like we’re chasing our tail round and round, getting nowhere at this point. Hmm…. What do we have for synonyms? Maybe that’ll help…  Synonyms  include “informed, literate, schooled, tutored, well-read, learned, knowledgeable, enlightened”

The synonyms for ‘educated’ are pretty cut and dry. Literate: capable of reading, Schooled: one who has attended schooling, Tutored: Royal House-d of Welsh and England. Wait…damned homonyms and lazy pronunciation!

Learned, knowledgeable, enlightened, all of these terms relate to Knowledge about the State of Existence; of Reality. And Enlightened comes with all the trappings of the Age of Reason: scholarly investigation into the state of the world that is only attained through the suspension of superstition and emotion and reliance upon Fact and Scientific Inquiry, not Opinion. These words and their definitions aren’t the problem here. The meaning of those words haven’t changed. So where exactly is the problem? This has been driving me bananas! (Speaking of bananas, I miss being challenged at Mario Kart. It’s sad to be so good at something that nobody can truly challenge you…)

The problem is that the very basis for Understanding, of Learning, has been compromised. We’ve supplanted Factual Evidence with Self-Supporting Fabrications to justify a position. An example:

Mother Dearest: “Hey kids, why are the walls and the carpet in the back bedroom charred, the window broken out, and a Roman Candle on the floor back there?

Totally Screwed Kids who know that their ‘gig’ is up, resort to ‘educating’ their mother: “Well Mom, it’s like this….apparently, all this time, paleontology, biology and history had it all wrong. Game of Thrones is actually a historical documentary. Dragons are real. And since they’re from China (or Valeria), as they’re traditionally revered and where fireworks are made, they have quite a fondness for all things incendiary. In fact, what we know as ‘Roman Candles’ are really just cigarettes to them. And since Mark has always wanted to see a dragon, we let it into the house when it knocked, as it was trying to sell vacuum cleaner attachments. And we thought the best way for it to demonstrate its product was to let it into the back bedroom with that shag carpet. But after it’s demonstration, it got nervous because it was a long day and needed this sale, it pulled out a ‘cigarette’, lit it, the ‘cigarette’ started shooting off fireballs, the dragon, having wings, broke the window and escaped since it can’t afford to go back to prison for arson. And that’s the ‘Truth’, we swear!”

See? These kids are ‘informed’ and ‘more knowledgeable’ than their mother who was going to tan their hides for setting off fireworks in the house. But since her children have ‘educated’ her about how wrong she is about the world….. she’s still going to whip their a$$es for nearly burning down the house because her kids are imaginative, lying, irresponsible weasels who tell lame, awkward stories to avoid ponying up to responsibility and the Facts speak for themselves.

This is what it is to be ‘informed’ or ‘educated’ these days. One has to simply believe the fantastical imaginations of kids who are desperately trying to sell the world on the legitimacy of truly moronic ideas that have Zero Fact to support them.

I once overheard a cell phone conversation between a Social Justice Warrior Princess (no, her name wasn’t Xena) who was trying to ‘inform’ her father on what it is to be ‘transgendered’ and how ‘healthy it was for people to embrace who they really are on the inside’. Here’s how it went down and it sounded eerily similar to the previous conversation…

“See, daddy, there’s, like, this continuum of sexual identities and sometimes, an individual who ‘identifies’ as a girl is trapped inside a boy’s body and because society doesn’t know how to respond to a boy who has a girl trapped inside of them… who doesn’t act the way a boy is supposed to act because society is not educated on the matter and is, therefore, scared, they react badly to a boy who dresses as a girl instead of giving them the understanding they require to be a happy, healthy person who is at peace with their sexual identity. They’re just stigmatized and all they need is love to make them whole!”

Did you notice how NOT A SINGLE certifiable FACT was mentioned? How the ‘education’ doesn’t have any empirical evidence to support it? How it’s just assumed that ALL identities are equally beneficial to this ‘society that has ostracized this individual’ instead of it being proven in any way, shape or form? How the ‘mystical cure’ is ‘love’ and ‘understanding’ (oh look, the most often prescribed placebo medicine for ALL of the world’s woes, how convenient!), which, ironically, as a girl trapped in a girl’s body, she’ll never be able to offer since she can’t truly ‘understand’ the transgendered situation other than maybe she feels ostracized by society like they do (because that’s what all kids these days feel or hope to feel, at least). That she’s equating ‘dressing like a girl’ and ‘acting feminine’ as ‘being a girl’, despite that NOT being the criteria for being a ‘girl’ and not matching how she, herself, behaves or feels?

This is where the overuse of the term ‘uneducated’ is coming from. Kids (and adults) today are using their overly active imaginations to pull forth all manner of horses#it that has NO scientific or empirical evidence or validity, branding it as ‘education’ to obscure the fact that what they’re saying makes ZERO SENSE WHATSOEVER, then passive-aggressively judging but not really judging! other people based on whether they swallow their B.S. or not.

Which is bizarre. Someone who makes stuff up has the moral authority to judge other people? When did THIS become a thing? And why hasn’t anyone told me? My moral authority would be nearly God-like at the rate I make stuff up! And I promise, it sounds WAYYYY more believable!


And it’s not just the LBGTQ crowd that claim that people are ‘uneducated’, it’s abundantly clear in the following alternate arenas: Black Lives Matter (because despite the fact that Blacks represent 15% of the population in the 75 biggest counties in America, they’re ultimately charged with 62% percent of robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults in those counties, more than suggesting they have a disproportionate tendency to not only break the law, but to use violence in the process of doing so, it’s Cops that are to blame for the aggression and violent deaths of young black men?), the Pro-Hillary/Anti-Trump political groupies (because while one has a well documented career of living through political appointments through the advancement of her husband’s political career and profoundly screwing up in almost every single one of those positions to the point where it’s crossed into truly criminal behavior, she’s ‘somehow’ the most qualified candidate to….I’m guessing…continue to screw up in the most powerful public office in the world while evading criminal prosecution?), the climate change discussion (which we’ll get into later and it’s hilarious how horribly some very big named ‘scientists’ are screwing up the discussion), and education (because both sides of the discussion are screwing the pooch in different ways; something we’ll also discuss in a later segment.).

In fact, the majority of the stances that are most shrilly argued by most groups in the public sphere (though most tend to be liberal in slant, conservatives do it too) are backed up by this phony ‘uneducated’ label that is affixed to their opponent.

Because nobody knows what it is to be Educated today. We hunt and peck for only those views and arguments that support our position and ignore EVERYTHING else in our self-perceived, self-righteous quest to right the ‘wrongs’ perpetrated by our ‘enemies’, by society, and the greater world around us. Humanity is doomed when we ascribe our limited ‘understanding’ to be the pinnacle of ‘education’ when that ‘understanding’ isn’t based on Facts, Reason, or anything that resembles Actual Reality. And this kind of understanding is killing us. Literally.

So, anytime you hear someone claiming that their ‘enemies’ are ‘uneducated’, you better listen up and quickly identify whether the speaker comes equipped with toilet paper and some air freshener because they’re about to start spewing a lot of crap. And that’s just not very hygienic.


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