7 Lessons that This Generation hasn’t Learned

Author’s Note: As a member of the generation collectively termed “Millenials”, I’ve spent a lot of time watching my purported ‘peers’ (I’m being VERY generous with that designation) as they make their way through Life. And, almost without fail, there are about 7 Major Lessons that Nature has been shouting at Humanity that ‘my’ generation just isn’t picking up on. Either because they don’t want to hear them or because they can’t wrap their minds around them. Whatever. They’re a bunch of twits.

So if you’re an angsty, emo, shallow Millenial, I would suggest sticking your fingers in your ears (in this case, cover your eyes), because I’m about to expose you to some ‘nasty’, ‘mean’, ‘unfair’ Fundamental Truths that you really need to start accepting before it’s too late.

Lesson 1: Violence Wins.

I paraphrased that statement. Here, let me elaborate. Violence wins, in nearly all things, period. At this point, your butt might have gotten hurt by me stating what is universally accepted (amongst all other lifeforms in existence) as being the Most Obvious of Truths. Nearly ALL species accept this as Holy Gospel. The only species that doesn’t is the soon-to-be-extinct species Homo millenialus pacifus limp-wristicus. (Always use appropriate scientific nomenclature, when possible.) You’ve been told a lie, all this time, that goes a little something like this:

“Violence is never the answer. Words, developing understanding, and diplomacy solve all problems.”


Diplomacy only works when dealing with someone who respects your physical or martial prowess and when there are enough resources to satisfy both parties. In other words, diplomacy only works amongst physical equals and in a world with infinite resources. Since resources are finite, if you don’t have martial strength, your diplomacy will be absolutely, positively worthless.

Treaties will go unrecognized, agreements will be largely ignored whenever it suits the stronger party, and annihilation is only a small step away. There is no incentive for a physically stronger, more vicious, or more brutal individual who is consistently getting what they want when they use violence to ever stop the behavior that gets them what they want unless they are made to feel respect or fear for those that they attempt to prey upon.

This is why you ‘social justice crusaders’ are failing to eliminate bullying. Counseling is a half measure, juvenile hall, suspension, expulsion, interventions, public shaming, public awareness campaigns are all pointless efforts in futility and serve no function.

How do I know this? Well, I was one who was bullied in school. Big deal. I was bullied in school because my parents put the fear of God (or the fear of the Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster for you Atheists out there) into me about getting into Trouble for Fighting. I was placed under the restriction of non-violence and the double restriction of ‘no whining or tattling’. Which was pretty fantastic. Because once you remove violence from your available options in dealing with people who use violence to get what they want from you, you only embolden them to use more of it on you. I mean, come on, what’s really going to stop them? And if you’re not allowed to tell anyone about the beatings and harassment you take at school from excessively cocky little prickweeds, who’s going to care about the situation that’s getting out of hand? Oh. That’s right. Nobody.

If I was one who was bullied, why would I take the ‘violence is a necessary evil in defending yourself’ line now? Shouldn’t I be toeing the ‘bullying is bad’ line instead? Well, after I had an emotional breakdown from the constant bullying I was receiving at school and finally told my parents what was happening, a curious and wondrous thing occurred.

My confused father (he was only confused that I’d let things get as far as they did) finally Let the Leash Off. He told me, “there’s absolutely nothing wrong with defending yourself. Just don’t let it take over who you are and turn you into someone who uses violence to get anything you want. Because I know where you live, I’m meaner, stronger, and smarter than you, and I will take you down, if it gets that far.”

Leash off, I ‘educated’ those who thought they could victimize me, that I was only a victim because I had held back. Not because I couldn’t do anything about it (because I could and would in such a manner that they learned that I really wasn’t a good person to mess with), but because I had handicapped myself by removing violence from the discussion entirely.

It was then that I learned that you’re only truly safe if you can defend yourself. You are the final line of defense for your own life. Teachers and parents can’t be around forever and the cops will always arrive too late. If you can’t handle the responsibility of physically defending yourself, you will either be victimized forever or wind up dead.

So, stop saying that violence is ‘Bad’. Violence is a tool, just like any other. How you use it determines its nature.

Lesson 2: There ARE Limitations out there (and they exist for good reason)

This one is fairly obvious and only comes because I’m tired of hearing that lame-a$$ cliché: “You can do and be whatever you put your mind to, you can touch the stars!”

This is weapons-grade bolognium. First off, you can’t touch stars. Their thermonuclear infernos would incinerate you well before you ever touched the surface. If the heat doesn’t get you, the sheer radiation would turn you into a cancer kabob. This is simple astrophysics. If we can all stop saying this crap, it’d be great.

Second off, you can’t really ‘do or be whatever you put your mind to’. For instance, I can’t be an arcane necromancer who can raise an army of the un-dead. There’s ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING, no matter how hard I put my mind to the task at hand or how much I want it. Which is probably for the best since I’d use it to take over the world. And I can assure you I would NOT be a merciful tyrant.

Wait. What was I talking about? Oh, right…

People need to accept that there are natural limitations and that it’s not a crime to accept that these limitations serve a function. It’s fine to have an imagination, but come on… Be practical. The most incredible works of art are generated by operating within some kinds of constraints or limitations. Same thing goes for human achievement. There’s a lot that people can become and it does take perseverance and determination to get there, but be honest and respect the natural boundaries that exist. It keeps us, as a species, from entertaining complete nonsense and going completely nutters.

Speaking of which….

c2cLesson 3: Every Cause has a Multitude of Consequences

In today’s day and age, people like to think that their actions have no consequences. This is just… plain… Stupid. Nobody exists in a vacuum and nobody’s actions are truly, 100%, independent of impacting or influencing other people. Every action has an impact on the world around it, or, as I like to call it, every Cause has Consequences (both good and bad) that arise from it. An example:

Jane lobbies for ‘transgender rights’ because she thinks that she’s socially ‘progressive’ and being ‘sensitive’ to the ‘suffering and stigmatization of others that are marginalized in society who don’t have a voice’. (This is a Cause and a colossally stupid and narcissistic one. See Lessons 5 and 6 that follow.) Now because of this ‘social crusade’, many businesses pass in-store policies that allow for men to use women’s restrooms and vice versa within their facilities based on how they ‘identify’. (This is a Consequence, but only the first of a longer string of Consequences, as we’ll soon see.)

Because of this new policy, many, MANY sexual predators and creepers find their way into areas where women and young girls were originally offered some measure of safety from the opposite sex while they were sexually exposed. Now, restrooms are places where they are forced to deal with the self exposure of men, being sexually harassed, being sexually assaulted, or being raped by men claiming to ‘identify’ as women. (Again, this is just a consequence of the initial Cause of some stupid social justice warrior’s ignorant attempts to ‘right’ a perceived ‘wrong’.)

And because of these events, whereby women are victimized by perverts claiming to be of some ‘oppressed’ group, Jane’s cause has turned extraordinarily sour. Because now, Men, whose loved ones (their wives, girlfriends, nieces, or daughters) have been victimized by those who have exploited administrative loopholes to victimize prone females, are going to start headhunting. As in, beating the pi$$ out of any man who claims to ‘identify’ as a woman in order to protect their female acquaintances, loved ones, or family from any and all perceived threats.

So Jane’s initial Cause to gain acceptance for A Group has resulted in the unintended Consequence of physical harm being delivered to said Group, which runs counter to the initial intent of her Cause. (And no, I’m not arguing for the use of violence in this situation, this is merely seeing where this will inevitably go.) Again, this is another consequence to an initial cause that was poorly thought out.

Then, one day, Social Justice Jane discovers the need to use the restroom and is momentarily shocked to find a group of men in there who all ‘claim’ to identify as women and, instead of being subject to the appreciation of the ‘marginalized’ group that she supported, ends up being raped. And, unfortunately, Social Justice Jane doesn’t have a moral leg to stand on in this situation because she didn’t know what being transgendered ACTUALLY meant or the serious ramifications as to what it entailed.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is the poster child of the transgendered movement. He (because he was born with and retains a functioning penis, the defining trait of biological malehood) ‘identifies’ as a woman but is still sexually attracted to women. But thanks to Jane’s ‘tireless efforts’, she has given any male like Bruce who ‘identifies as female’, carte blanche to follow her into a location where she’s exposed and vulnerable to just about any sort of activity he can imagine. Because SHE advocated the very cause that resulted with her own gut-wrenching tragedy. (A further consequence of her initial cause and one she probably didn’t anticipate would occur to her or any other ‘well-meaning’ and woefully ignorant Social Crusader.)

Causes have Consequences, both Good and Bad, and those Consequences ripple across society.

****At this point, if you think I’m joking around, making light of the situation, or blowing things out of proportion, know this: I’m not kidding, I don’t care about your angst, your sexual confusion, your morally and logically bankrupt positions, your feelings, or your outrage. I’m not a ‘nice’ person. I’m not a ‘nice’ guy. I don’t make that claim. What I do claim, is to be very well-read on the subject (from the medical and psychological perspectives) and I know what the majority of guys are like out there. I’ve spent 25+ years as a ‘biological male’ who ‘‘strongly identifies’ as Male’ (whatever the hell that means), have heard all the locker room talk, read through a large number of online blogs written by the largest population of puling, self-indulgent, chickens#it, misogynistic cretins pretending to be ‘male’ in the history of the planet, and have observed male behavior through the entirety of my life. I KNOW what I’m talking about here. You could even say that I’m an Expert in the field of Dude Thought-ology. And I happen to know the best way to counter the worst scumbag male behavior that’s out there.

If you want safety from the worst examples of male behavior, you better either a) kill all those who exhibit that behavior, b) remove any and ALL male behavior from areas where you are most vulnerable, because it is the ONLY way to insure the safety of the female gender, or 3) get used to defending yourself with a weapon because you’ll be using it soon enough.

I didn’t make the world, I only seek to survive and provide for the safety of my female loved ones within it. And you’re compromising that safety with this bullshit cause, something I will not accept. Ever. Sorry, not sorry.

(As an aside, supporting transgender bathrooms immediately removes you from the category of “Feminist” because of the simple fact that you’re (literally) opening the door to the further sexual victimization of other females by males and you’re bestowing the title of ‘Woman’ on any Tom, Dick, or Harry who thinks that ‘being a Woman’ is all about ‘wearing high heels, a dress, a skirt, shaking your hips, and having (fake) boobs’.

The state of being a Woman is NOT defined by the clothing that someone wears. Allowing for this kind of one dimensional definition to define Woman is one of the most asinine, juvenile, and hateful attacks on Womanhood and Femininity in the history of Humanity. Period. This is no longer a discussion. This is empirical fact. KNOW what it IS to Be a Woman or Shut your Mouth and stop victimizing your fellow Woman by being the mouthpiece for causes you don’t fully understand.)****

Lesson 4: Not ALL of your Failures are Someone Else’s Fault. Sometimes, it’s just that YOU Suck at Life.

Again, very self-explanatory, so I’ll try to make this brief.

Just because you’ve failed at something doesn’t mean that someone else is to blame for it. If you suck at math, it could be that your teachers have been awful. But if the majority of your fellow students are progressing at an acceptable rate and you aren’t, you might want to look in the mirror, be honest, and admit that you’ve spent wayyy more time staring at the girls (or the boys), chewing on pencils, and making glue patterns on your desk that you can peel them off later than actually studying the material.

Sometimes you just suck and it is nobody’s fault but your own. If you are putting in the time and you’re not getting it, work harder. Parents, this goes for your kids too. If they’re failing in school or they happen to be little monsters, the majority of the time, the failing is Yours. Not the teacher’s. Not society’s. Not mass media’s. Yours. Or your kids’. Pick your poison. Just don’t poison your kids…or their teacher or society.

This world doesn’t owe you or your little trolls-masquerading-as-children anything. There are now 8 billion people on this planet who are competing against you and yours. Keep up or shut up. There are consequences for failure. Sorry to rain on your pity party parade. (Not really!)

Lesson 5: Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you deserve to remain so….and just because you have an opinion does not mean you deserve to have it heard.

This one is going to upset everyone, I’m guessing, because we’ve all been conditioned to see Human Life as ‘Precious’ and ‘Valuable’. Which is really a load of crap. I mean, come on! Look around you.

It used to be that Life was a phenomenal struggle for survival. That to remain alive for an extended period of time could be considered an incredible accomplishment. Those who remained alive had a series of traits or skills that made them a benefit to our species. Wisdom, work ethic, intelligence, good health, etc., all of these represented some beneficial trait that helped humanity to survive. Because of this, we were conditioned to hear the opinions of anyone who’s still alive because doing so might provide us with some insight than can help US survive, as well.

However, thanks to modern medicine, you just have to get past the Abortion Bouncer to get into the Club of Life and you’re basically set for the next 70 years. No skill, knowledge, wisdom or good health is required to survive now. And worse, thanks to endless waves of stupid-a$$ ‘awareness’ parades and PSAs, we shift ridiculous amounts of resources to support a never-ending stream of weaker and weaker individuals who collectively contribute nothing to society.

And each and every one of these weak people has an opinion that is predicated on providing the best possible outcome for their individual weakness. And those opinions are starting to enter into the realm of Breathtaking Works of Imbecility. But, since we’ve been socially hardwired to listen to the opinions of those who might have information that’ll help us survive, we’re required to listen and ‘respect’ these opinions even when it’s starting to take a massive toll on the planetary ecosystem and destroying humanity in the process.

Sorry, Charlie. I’ll pass on all of that. Good ideas that are workable, efficient, and advocate Strength deserve to be discussed, entertained, and respected, bad ideas that don’t fit that criteria, don’t. It’s time to cut the crap.

Lesson 6: If we are all equal, you are not more important than anyone else and you ARE replaceable. If we are not equal, praising weakness is applauding the suicide of the human race.

This is the most confusing argument I’ve heard recently. That we’re all ‘equal’. That we should ‘strive towards Equality’. This is, generally, the argument of the laziest and most incompetent individuals who provide the least to the human genetic pool and society.

The ONLY way that “we are all Equal” could ever be True is if these mental mendicants were to somehow tear down those who are the most athletically gifted, tear down those who possess greater mental abilities, tear down those who are more skilled at trades or crafts, tear down those who are willing to work harder, and, basically, tear down ANYONE who stands above them in ANY fashion. That’s not Equality, that’s enforced slavery of the Best and Brightest of our species to placate the Worst and Most Pathetic.

And even if “we are all Equal” were somehow capable of being proven true (spoiler alert: it won’t be), it would ultimately mean that nobody has any value, because each and every one of us could be easily replaced by someone else and the outcome would not change. If we’re all Equal, you are not unique and your life does not matter. Let’s hear it for the No Lives Matter movement! Wooo hoooo!

If we are NOT all ‘Equal’, then all these ignorant social justice movements aimed exclusively at supporting the weakest and most dysfunctional members of society is tantamount to forcing collective suicide on humanity. Whatever happened to celebrating those who were Strong and could accomplish Great Things? Oh. Right. We’ve put a leash on them and forced them into a modern day version of Slavery. ‘How dare they be better than everyone else! Slavery’s what they deserve!’ Or something…

Lesson 7: Everyone, sooner or later, dies. And that’s not a bad thing.

Death is a natural part of Life. We’ve lost track of that notion with the advent of our ridiculously extended lifetimes. Our lives have gotten longer, not better or more fulfilling. We waste decades locked in front of our TVs and computers, whiling away lives that are utterly devoid of purpose. We’ve become brain-dead, half-dead zombies that somehow fear full-on death because it represents the end of the opportunity to complete the abysmally lame goals we have that we’ll never fulfill because they require actual work and sacrifice. So, we try to extend our boring lives to cram more meaningless crap into them and scream about there being ‘too many babies born, this world can’t handle the population burden’, when WE are the burden on the world. And all because we think that this world was built Just For Us and should REMAIN ours until we’ve fully had our way with it. Which is enormously selfish and deluded.

We are given the opportunity to impact the world within our lives and at the end, hope that we leave something of ourselves behind so as to be remembered. So, do so. And stop fearing death. It’s inescapable and if you can’t stop something from happening, you should never be afraid of it. It will only take the joy out of what’s left of your life. And, remember, Valar Morghulis, so have no regrets when it’s Your Time… Weiners.


For those who have been following any of these writings, I mentioned a while back that I was transitioning to the video format to discuss some of the concepts that I cover in these overly verbose writings. Well, I’ve finally gotten a small start on them, due to the proddings of a super-mysterious benefactor who wants me to get my act in order. Apparently, Big Things are on the horizon. Here’s a link to their location on the Youtuber (why they created a website that calls people potatoes is beyond me. Whatever.)


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