How liberals brought Donald Trump to center stage….and why what he represents is here to stay.

Author’s full disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of Trump, but then again, I’m not fond of any of the candidates for president. So while I’m not a fan of Trump, I am a monumental fan of cause and consequence. You know, the concept that one cause has a multitude of consequences. And THIS is what Trump represents.

He is a consequence that has been generated due to numerous causes that have gone unmentioned in the media and in society. He’s the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about because doing so will mean that we’ll have to have an actual conversation about some of the disgusting things that aren’t happening to some faceless group in a foreign country that nobody cares about, but to the very people we live with but have ignored and brushed  aside for decades. But let’s get to that point in the right order…

The mainstream media, rank-and-file Republicans (Rinos), and Liberals especially, are facing dire straits. The swelling crowd roar for people like Donald Trump and the Tea Party faction of the Republican party is a phenomenon that they just can’t understand or make sense of. “He’s just like Hitler! He’s a racist dictator! He’s not a true Conservative! He hates women, he’s this, he’s that!”

The shrill denunciations and screaming that’s echoing across social media and television is starting to make my ears hurt, so it’s probably time for a quick explanation of the Trump phenomenon. Because clearly, the media isn’t getting it. And liberals, especially, are clueless as to what to do about him, how to shut him down, or how to adequately laugh him off and ignore him.

“So what is he? Why is he so popular? Where’s his appeal coming from? How can he be stopped?”

All of these are the wrong questions. Because the man’s popularity and widespread appeal doesn’t come from The Man, himself. He’s merely a symptom of a greater underlying malaise and discontent with where a lot of rural (and not-so rural), conservative, lower-to-middle income working class people are seeing the country going. And until you understand the WHY of why they reach out to a man like Donald Trump, you’re basically fighting the Hydra of Greek legend. Take him down, 2 more will spring up in his place…

“So, how did this malaise start?”

Much better question. I can see that you’re on your way to great things.

This bout of anger started in the 80s or 90s (or maybe a bit earlier), before most of today’s brood of spineless, liberal cretins were born. (And I’m not a conservative either. Both parties blow, for various reasons….Try to keep up.)

You see, once upon a time in the 1980s-90s, there was a country that still Manufactured Goods. This country was proud of the superior quality of these manufactured goods that they created and their products were routinely stamped with ‘Made in the U.S.A.’. They were probably of the finest quality in the world (or close enough to what Germany’s doing as to make no difference) and they were the end result of hardworking people working hard (imagine that) and being proud of what they did for a living. Middle and Lower working class people worked these jobs that didn’t require a college education and some serious butt-kissing of douchebag managerial types (who have their heads up their collective asses) to get ahead. Just hard work and All-American know-how and ingenuity was all it took.

But then, along came a little thing called the North American Free Trade Agreement. Now, this bad little treaty sounded really great to pecker political leaders who thought that it’d “expand the market and demand” for their crony capitalist masters who were actually eyeing Mexico’s lax environmental standards, substandard living conditions, and ridiculously exploitative labor regulations. Once NAFTA was passed by Republican Rapists and Democratic Dickheads, manufacturing took a nose dive south….by relocating their businesses to Mexico, leaving upwards of 700,000 people without jobs.

Sure, pundits and economists can say that “net trade increased with the Free Trade Agreement”, but the money WASN’T being made by any of those 700,000 people who were cut loose by companies outsourcing their jobs to Mexico. That kind of thing pisses you off, when you hear that something is ‘a success’ when YOU were the one who got canned and had to scramble and fight for a new job that pays significantly less than what you’d been getting paid, while some other already-rich-a$$hole made even more money that he/she doesn’t need to survive or provide for their family.

So, lower-to-middle WORKING class people who were working these jobs took a hit. But they’re resilient and that wouldn’t have done them in.

But then you had a whole slew of other ‘Free Trade Agreements’ in the intervening years which did little to foster a sense of optimism and hope for the future in low-to-middle class working folks’ lives.

Adding to this group’s misery is the opening of American auto markets to Japanese imports while American car makers were effectively blocked from competing in Japan. And what happens when you give someone access to your bread and butter without them extending the same courtesy? Oh. They take your bread and butter, then your cutlery, then your fridge, and kick you out of your home.

How many automotive manufacturers and their suppliers were effectively hung from the neck when the Japanese automakers got to town? Add to the equation how the Japanese and the Chinese manipulate their currency markets to further facilitate growing U.S. trade deficits and you start to see a rise in anti-free trade agreement tendencies amongst the same low-to-middle income working class demographic. (But, hey, the stuff at Wall-Marrt is still cheap and that’s just the cost of doing business around the world!)

Add to this simmering cauldron of resentment, a nice dash of managerial incompetence and lack of foresight from GM, Ford, and Chrysler’s executives prior to the massive rise in oil and gas prices leaving all three companies woefully unprepared to handle the catastrophic drop in demand for their gas guzzling beauties, where more layoffs and bankruptcies were filed and now you’ve got an even larger pot of people who are pissed off at, not only foreign competitors, but the pieces of s#it who were in charge of things over here who should have known where the gas price rise would take American and foreign demand for the last vestige of American manufactured goods. (God bless run-on/compound-complex sentences!) Japanese auto manufacturers have been pushing fuel efficiency since the very beginning, so they were ready and waiting.

This is embarrassingly bad. I mean, if you lose out to a better ‘team’, it’s one thing, but when members of your own ‘team’ who are getting paid a lot of money to be the ‘visionaries of the future’ for your team are actively sabotaging your chances of success by being a bunch of blind dumbasses, that’s just plain low. Because it’s still your team that’s lost. And the loss isn’t related to anything you could have done, but you can be damned sure where the layoffs and job terminations will be coming from. And it ain’t going to be the people who screwed things up in the first place. $#it always flows downhill.

So Pontiac’s doors got shuttered, multiple rounds of layoffs and scaled back production at other automotive and manufacturing plants began, suppliers’ doors closed due to decreased demand for parts and labor and this pot of angry, low-to-middle-working-class people starts to get larger. And angrier.

Add the fact that labor union leaders helped facilitate repeated backstabbery in these areas helped turn this group of people off of both the Democratic Party (who represents sleazy labor’s collective bargaining practices) and the Republican Party establishment (who overwhelmingly represents dickweed management and executives across a wide swath of industries whose business model for increased revenue and ‘success’ is to Move the Company Elsewhere), which means that this group has become angry and disaffected with the entire political system.

With this, we’re really just scratching the surface with these people. Because, up to this point, we’ve only talked about the legal issues affecting their job status. Start talking about Illegal Immigration and this flame starts to kindle into something greater. And more dangerous.

Remember those despicable free trade agreements where the majority of manufacturing jobs went straight south before the ink was even dry on the laughably lame legislation? Well, now, all those Central American countries have those jobs that were once American operated. Which means there should be so much work down there that people should be clamoring to return to where the opportunity is really at….their home countries.

But what’s this? Illegal immigration from south of the border skyrocketed during this time? ‘But why, oh why?!? They’ve got plenty of jobs down there!’ Rough estimates show an almost linear upward trend for the Illegal Immigrant population starting at 1990 (~3.5 million) to about 2008 (~12.2 million) when the global economy collapsed.

So, now, low-to-middle working class people who used to work manufacturing, who had their decent paying jobs to support their families located here in The States, watched their jobs head to Mexico (and beyond) and to replace it, there are millions of Illegal Immigrants who are now here, in America, competing for what little jobs are left for manual laborers who lack a college education? That means labor gets real cheap, real quick. It’s simple supply side economics. And what? There’s no penalty for hiring Miguel? And Miguel’s people are racking up ridiculously high medical expenses and increasing the rate of crime in the area?

Then, you get these simpering, wealthy, liberal, limp-wristed diaper-stains who say ‘multiculturalism is the way to go’, which is basically spitting in these people’s faces. I mean, having some greasy weasel tell you that you should ‘embrace’ what has effectively become your financial and literal death isn’t going to sit well when your American Dream has turned into an American Nightmare.

Got news for you, dipshit, you aren’t the one who lives next door to these immigrants. You’re comfortably safe in your gated communities with rent-a-cops policing the ‘hood. You don’t get to see, firsthand, what goes on outside your gated estates. You don’t get to see a horde of Mexican men come boiling out of a house to help young, dumb girls inside to rape and/or impregnate them. These aren’t your girls who manage to make it home, faces blackened up by these ‘poor unfortunate souls just yearning for Opportunity’ (if they come home at all…). These aren’t your wives, daughters, girlfriends, or sisters being felt up or harassed in supermarkets or stores. You live in Liberal La-La Land, safe from these situations.

There’s a reason why there’s something called ‘human sex trafficking’ and why the latest ring busted by the FBI involved an organization of illegal immigrants and their sex slaves who were migrant (or U.S. citizen) women and young girls who either ran away or were abducted from their families. And this organization spanned several states across The South. Where you don’t live. You spineless halfwits make excuses for these scumbags as they peddle low and middle-class girls out to other men. You make excuses for the rampant drug use, drug-related violence, and trafficking that occurs within these same groups. Because it isn’t your problem.
Because you don’t have to deal with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all illegal immigrants are drug dealers, rapists, or sex ring operators. I’ve worked with quite a number of decent Latino men and women in a number of different jobs. On the whole, they’re good, hard-working people. I’m related to quite a few of them, in fact. But I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t a boatload of bad apples in the batch that need to be removed. Which is something that Donald Trump has stated… that the mainstream media has whitewashed as being ‘racist’ and ‘intolerant’. When something is factually accurate, it can’t be racist. It’s simply factually accurate. Don’t go playing no race card, ya hear? Stick to the facts.

And since we’re on the topic of racism, let’s talk about how else you liberals are getting it wrong….again….and opening the door further for The Donald.

I’m not going to lie, there are some racist wankers in some of the more rural areas of the country. We had some in the place where I grew up. They were mostly a fringe group that most white folks in town barely tolerated on most days, and actively interceded against when the degenerative kooks started trying to hassle the ‘differently colored’ folks in town.

And that’s what you liberal jackasses don’t get. Many, if not most, rural communities aren’t completely populated by cross-burning clansmen. Many, if not most, communities detest these recidivistic halfwits. Painting communities as being one thing based on the actions of a few fringe members of the community is called stereotyping and is awfully close to bigotry, two things you liberal twits claim ‘doesn’t need to exist in this society’ when you’re talking about Muslims or Illegal Immigrants, yet enjoy dishing out quite often when you’re talking about Christians or your fellow Legal Citizens. And this is coming from a fellow who ascribes to NO particular religious denomination. I play no favorites.

And since I’ve done quite a bit of traveling across this nation of ours, I can tell you, unequivocally, that there’s wayyy more racism in urban areas than in rural areas. I’ve been jawed at, had attempts at intimidation (epic fail!) thrown my way, and been heckled by ‘brothas’ in urban areas who don’t realize that my ‘white’ is only skin deep. Then my mouth opens and, suddenly, everyone’s on the same page. (I just don’t care about skin color.)

This is NOT the case with all white people in urban scenarios. The ‘knock-out game’, gang violence, black-on-white crime, criminal statistics indicating that blacks (or African-Americans, or whatever they want to be called) are responsible for, not only the majority of violent crime perpetrated against other blacks, but also statistically more responsible for the violence perpetrated against whites and all other racial groups. (The FBI has all the statistics. Go do the research.) Something’s inconsistent with your whole ‘whites are perpetrators of all the most egregious crimes on people of color in the country’ argument with those kinds of stats. News flash: ‘whites’ are a colored people too. If you aren’t willing to look at the simple facts and the statistics to see The Truth, that REALLY makes you a racist and a bigot. And ignorant.


So we’ve peeked into the neighborhood, let’s take a look inside the homes and see how Liberalism has managed to screw that up too.

Let’s see, most low-to-middle class, rural, working class homes are typically…..what? Come on, think it over, it’s not hard! Religious! Yes!

I’m not going to paint with an overly broad brush and say they’re all one denomination or another but generally speaking, they’re Christian or have Christian leanings. And they’re mostly socially conservative. Which means that you arrogant, sneering sissies out there who have the ‘balls’ to denigrate a religious constituency who advocates non-violence (because THAT takes guts *sarcasm alert*) and mock their religious beliefs as ‘ignorant, archaic, and out-dated’ while prattling on about how little you actually know about your ‘super-awesome’ faiths (Science and Secular Humanism), you really aren’t scoring any points with these people.

And when you start attacking one of the most Holy and Revered religious institutions in human existence (marriage), you start pressing on a nerve that is already raw.

Liberal peckers typically come from highly urban areas where marriage has typically been seen as a joke. It’s not a joke in smaller towns and rural areas. Marriage is a holy vow that is respected and expected in these tight knit communities. It’s one reason why urban and rural divorce rates have historically been very different. So if you’re coming from an area that sees it as simply a financial union, a reason to ‘party’, and/or a ‘right’, as opposed to an ‘obligation and a moral duty to provide the next generation’, you’re already pissing in someone’s breakfast.

Advocating that 2 men or 2 women are ‘just as deserving of federal tax status, benefits, and gushy emotional narcissism’ as a man and a woman who can and are naturally producing something worthwhile to society, isn’t going to sit too well with people who see the institution of marriage as something that is sacred, hard work, profound, and only between a man and a woman.

And this isn’t to say that Trump campaigns on this subject, it’s simply an explanation of another reason why those who support Donald Trump have felt ostracized by poorly thought-out liberal positions….and want nothing of what you’re selling. Just sayin…


And this is still barely scraping the tip of the iceberg of the Trump phenomenon. We could talk about gun control, abortion, government intrusion into the private family structure, growing immorality, irresponsibility and disrespect across the nation, religious restriction of anyone who’s Christian, and any number of other issues that are near and dear to those of the liberal “I don’t want to think about the consequences of my actions” bowel movement, but I think the point’s been made abundantly clear.


You liberals talk of ‘inclusion’, ‘acceptance’, and ‘caring about your fellow human’ but it seems that you only mean it when you’re referring to everyone who isn’t rural, conservative leaning, Christian or Christian-ish, and/or working class. Then you’re all about bigotry, hatred, and watching someone bleed out their lifeblood so that others can feed upon them in the hopes that those who do the feeding will leave you alone. (They won’t. The events unfolding in Europe are just a precursor of what’s to come.)

You have done absolutely nothing to help out your fellow working-class American. You haven’t even bothered to look through their eyes at what your actions and dumbass causes are doing to their way of life.

So when ‘The Donald’ points out these kinds of situations and people respond positively to his message, it’s because many of them have had front row seats to racially motivated violence or crime perpetrated ON them by another group. It’s because many lower-to middle class working people have had front row seats to the persistent taking away of every opportunity that keeps them employed, successful, providing for their families, and safe. It’s because you whiny, syphilitic, limp-wristed liberals who live in glass houses have helped to kick and spit on everything that they hold dear and offered nothing but blind hatred and derision to their way of life, while prattling on about ‘tolerance and respect for others’ whom you never have to interact with on a daily basis. (And you know what they say about those who live in glass houses…)

And until you extend a hand to help them right the wrongs that have helped capsize their lives, they aren’t going to attempt to find common ground with you when you know nothing of their situation or demonstrate that you care about their lot in life. It’s why they’re willing to destroy themselves by voting for embarrassingly incompetent leaders like Sam Brownback instead of voting for any Democratic option for political office, like they’ve done in Kansas. They’d rather accept leaders who will take them to a blatantly obvious destruction than accept the liberal point of view that has led to their immediate annihilation, time after time. Because that’s what you’ve proven yourself as being….the kiss of ignorant death.

These people are resilient. They’re survivors. But they aren’t saints, so they aren’t going to just forgive and forget all these issues. And if you don’t come up with some way to alleviate their pain, you can only expect that this anger, which has been simmering and building for the past 20-30 years, to only grow larger until it explodes in a way that you won’t like.

Getting ‘rid’ of Donald Trump isn’t going to get rid of all the attitudes, experiences, and feelings of people who have been ignored and dicked over by the political establishment for the past 30 years. And if the Republican (or Democratic) Party tries to ignore him, try to silence, or get rid of him, they’re in for a very rude awakening. They’ll have revealed their true colors to the world and will lose their power base to a 3rd party forever.

Without further ado, I give you President Trump. Or anarchy. It’s your choice.


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