What’s Truly Wrong With These Mass Shootings

***Author’s Note: This is another of those posts that is very thin on comedy and very thick on honesty. This subject has been wearing on me since the shooting at Columbine High School occurred and the media went crazy on the matter some 16 years ago. Since nothing has really changed during this time, my pot is starting to boil over. So, Buckle Up. It’s about to get rough. ***

On December 3rd, One. More. Mass Shooting. Took place in San Bernardino, California. And no, this post isn’t to jump on the gun rights bandwagon, where I talk about how the shooters broke the numerous laws already in place that forbid the transport, concealment, and use of guns and bombs to kill other people. And no, I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon where I point out the obvious that guns allow dipshits to commit violence on innocent people. This isn’t the main focus of what I’m going to talk about.

What I AM going to talk about is exactly what has me pissed off: the media coverage of, and society’s spineless reactions to these events.

First off, I’m sick and tired of the bullshit manner by which the media showcases reports on these incidents. In nearly all of these cases, the most important details are always ‘conveniently’ and ‘inexplicably’ not reported on and some boneheaded and clearly false explanation for the ‘why’ of the tragedy is formulated based on one group or another’s political agenda. How many of the past mass shooters ‘suffered’ from a documented mental illness prior to their shooting, again? REALLY, that many? And somehow THIS hasn’t been mentioned in ANY of the Mainstream Media’s depictions of these douche-bags? It’s always the GUNS who are to blame, not the fact that these people had serious mental issues that went untreated and eventually spilled out into the realm of the broader society? Call it for what it is: an unstable nutjob formulated a plan to kill lots of innocent people and found the means to do it.

The next thing the media could do is stop sugarcoating the situation to pander to spineless cretins in society who want to believe that an object is more to blame for the outcome of a situation than the person who wields that object to do violence to another individual. The media needs to stop peddling this stupid lie to the public that if we ban an object that is used for violence that we’ll stop that violence from ever occurring.

I could probably come up with about a half dozen ways that an individual could ‘do away’ with someone else with a ballpoint pen, if I really wanted to put my mind to the task. So it won’t matter if you ban guns, swords, machetes, axes, hatchets, hedge clippers, sharp nosed scissors, cars, planes, jetskis, chainsaws, tweezers or those snub-nosed safety scissors that your child uses (or used to use) in school, because there are still plenty of other things out there that can be used to kill.

Besides, deep down, we all know that:


So figure it out: those people who aren’t concerned with breaking laws prohibiting people from using violence against others are still going to find the most effective means to do so, regardless of the legalities of the methods that they wish to employ. They’re already going to break the current laws in place. Murder is against the law. And their mind is made up. Once that occurs, all you’re left to do is clean up the mess…. Or… You can stop them using the only proven method of stopping such acts: violence. Dead nutjobs can’t go on rampages. That’s a fact.

Next up, start showing news reports on the true consequences of the implementation of these ‘gun free zone’ laws. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country…..and also happens to have one of the highest gun-related homicide rates in the country. (Probably just a strange coincidence, I’m sure.) California has some of the strictest gun laws of any state in the U.S.. Paris is in a country where guns have been banned.

How’d that work out again? It didn’t STOP any of the attacks from occurring? Oh, that means that laws only restrict the actions of law-abiding citizens, NOT criminals. So, just cut this bullshit media line that suggests that new legislation to address the use of guns will stop the problem when it’s already proven itself to be a complete failure. It’s how these attacks were so successful in the first place.

If you can’t see this, you are Completely Full of Shit or Breathtakingly Stupid. It’s called Cause-and-Effect and having an Overwhelming Burden of Proof to the Contrary. No rational person on the planet can look at these events and claim that further expansion of these laws would serve ANY FUNCTION beyond empowering those who would continue to use these acts to send a ‘message’ to the public. Which makes you just as stupid and insane as the attackers themselves. And that’s about as blunt of an assessment as it gets.


The second part of this post has to deal with what irritates me about the public response to these reports. Every single one of these responses is either deeply marinated in some weird fear/awe/pity sauce for those who commit these chickenshit attacks or they have that fear and awe showing up as some kind of side-dish to a main course of Macho Wannabe-Rambo rhetoric. What do both of these have in common? Respect. And this is what pisses me off most. That you respect these assholes. You might claim that you don’t, but it’s still there, lurking in the back of your thoughts, sneaking out in your words.

Those who have fear front-and-center in their mind for these human wastes of life, have built them up to be something they aren’t: Noteworthy. Someone of Importance. Someone to be Feared. And in the cases of the piece-of-shit Islamic State jerkoffs and those little punk pussi high school shooters, someone you secretly idolize.

Why do I say that you idolize these dickheads? Because some people refuse to call the ISIS scumbags for what they are: Islamic scumbags/terrorists. They aren’t ‘revolutionaries’. They aren’t ‘disgruntled employees’. They aren’t Men. They aren’t ‘warriors’ or ‘freedom fighters’. They’ve bastardized their faith to justify committing atrocities against others. They’re little punk thugs who should be put down.

You do mental gymnastics (a.k.a. bullshit your way) to get around calling them what they are and then pump them up to be some ‘invincible foe that needs to be understood or we’ll all die by their hand’. Fuck that. Their neighbors in the Middle East understood them and they died too. Don’t kid yourself into believing that they’ll treat you any differently. Because they won’t. And they haven’t.

It’s not hard to understand these chickenshits. They armed themselves with military grade weaponry and kill unarmed, shackled prisoners who aren’t even a part of their conflict. And they’ve managed to do this because they’ve been allowed to do what they want, when they want, how they want. The world has stood by and let this occur. That doesn’t make them ‘heroes’, or ‘tough guys’, or a ‘warriors of God/Allah’. That makes them butchers of the lowest form. There is no honor involved in these little piss ants. There is no righteous cause that they’re fighting for; they rape women and butcher defenseless people.

‘That’s really ‘hardcore’ of you, ISIS, nobody else could possibly accomplish that, when you’re armed and your victims aren’t!’ Oh. Wait. That happens every time that people who have no Self Restraint or Respect for Life are granted Power. Maybe you didn’t catch the generous dollop of sarcasm earlier because you’re all a bunch of half-wits.

Same goes for the little dirt bags who shoot up schools. You make a martyr out of the little peckers who ‘always had it tough’ growing up in a middle class home with both parents and everything given to them except for the respect of their peers and then you give them pity and notoriety after they murder countless classmates in cold blood instead of just ignoring ‘their story’ and moving on.

If you wanted to focus on the victims, that’s fine, but don’t grant the killers any kind of recognition. That just sets a precedence for all these little pukes who want to get society’s attention and immediate notoriety. You’re feeding this problem and for some idiotic reason, that’s what you keep focusing on: the ‘monsters’ who did something terrible and are now remembered forever.

Yeah, we get it. It’s always some douche-bag loner who feels ‘depressed and alone in a world that doesn’t seem to care about them’ (news flash: the world doesn’t care about them…or you….or me, sorry to spoil The Dream) in some self-concocted, self-loathing dreamscape that occurred because they never got some sense knocked into them by loved ones who were looking to wisen them up to the hard facts of the world: Life Sucks and not everyone gets to be the King of High School Land.

And despite the fact that this is the same recurring storyline that pops up in nearly all of these mass shootings, the media and the fraidy cats in society keep saying the exact same stupid things:

‘Oh my gosh, if only someone would have loved them or just listened to them, then this wouldn’t have happened!’ Blah. Blah. Blah. Cut the crap. Judging from your news coverage, you’re craving another tragedy so more of these little sissies can get some kind of limelight and attention in the end. Fuck them, too.

I was a loner in school. I was the awkward kid growing up who never quite fit in. I was the one singled out by the ‘popular’ kids. Sure, I was depressed and no, I didn’t have anyone to go to in order to ‘talk it out’. And yes, it was tough trying to figure out my place in the world. The difference was, my lower class parents gave me the Hard News early and didn’t try and lie to comfort my ego as I was growing up.

I wasn’t singled out because I was some low-life, scrawny, lazy, fear-filled, self-loathing middle-class monster like these kids. I was singled out because I knew that I had to forge My Own Path in the world, so I worked harder and became better at most things than my classmates were. I knew that if I were to survive on my own in the future, I’d better start making strides to becoming a Real Man in the present. I started working towards that goal while my classmates were still struggling to figure out multiplication.

And that’s the difference. You keep talking these idiots up out of one corner of your mouth while denigrating them out of the other and today’s boys can’t make sense of what’s Acceptable, what’s Appropriate, what’s Respectable, or what’s Impressive anymore. They just know that if they get angry at people for not respecting or catering to them enough (without doing anything to earn it) and they see no end in sight to their self-perceived ‘torment’ at school (there is an end out there: graduation), that they should just follow in the footsteps of the cowardly pussies you keep holding up to them as role models, instead of pushing them to become more than what they currently are and take the appropriate steps to Become Men.

Hit the weights, practice sports, learn martial arts, hit the books, work hard, learn to take a stand, fight the bigger guy, even if it means you might get your ass beat a few times (who knows? Maybe you’ll win and things might change?), don’t just expect that the world owes you anything. Because it doesn’t owe you jack shit, no matter WHAT your liberal, simpering parents tell you. Prove yourself capable of standing in this world, on your own, without giving up, instead of throwing some tantrum any time the chips get stacked against you. Life sucks when you’re Weak. It’s just a Fact of Life. So you’d better become Strong, if you want things to change.


Then, you’ve got the flip side of the coin, the Macho Rambo Rhetoric that shows up on the scene every time you get some phony ‘Islamic’ shooter who makes the news (I’ve read your Holy Book, you’re about as much of a True Muslim as a housecat is a True Shark. Translation: you’re nowhere close.). This chest-thumping bullshit is comedy at its worst, in my mind: “Oh yeah, well, if those ISIS pussies ever tried that here, I’d blow their damn heads off!”

No, ‘tough’ guy, you’d probably piss yourself, just like almost everyone else has done in these situations. You talk all macho, but you rely on your gun to back up your mouth, just like the ISIS pussies do. Real Men don’t talk. They act. And you’re all talk.

Worse, is that beneath all your ‘talk’ (because that’s all it really is), lies this warped respect, this secret desire to see who can commit greater atrocities against each other, you or ISIS. You see them as a worthy foe and deserving of your respect.

They aren’t worthy of My Respect. They’re little rabid dogs that should be Put Down. They aren’t worthy of my boasts, loud denunciations, or empty challenges. All they’ll get from Me is that quiet calm of a Man who knows he has a distasteful and arduous task to take care of that nobody else can or wants to do. It’s Taking Out Garbage, because that’s all they are. They are NOT worthy of my respect and certainly not worthy of my ‘terror’ or ‘fear’. Fuck them.

***And in case you didn’t figure it out by now, I don’t give a rat’s ass about being Politically Correct. There’s nothing politically ‘correct’ about a group of scumbags who cut people’s heads off to try and ‘scare’ other people. There’s nothing politically ‘correct’ about a group of twisted dicks who blow themselves up in crowded places to prove some dumbass point. So, if my language ‘upsets’ you, fuck off. You’re not dealing with these people with the appropriate mentality because you don’t have a clue what’s going on, so you’re making this situation worse. Either figure it out or keep your sissy mouth shut. ***


Ultimately, this whole ‘mass shooting’ hullabaloo boils down to this:

I KNOW what it means to be an American and A Man. And the way the media and society is collectively responding to these situations is NOT what being an American is all about. It doesn’t represent ANY of the principles the Founding Fathers espoused over two hundred years ago.

The way males are behaving today is NOT what Being a Man is all about. The way you’re behaving is like scared chickens: jumping at anything that moves, getting your feathers ruffled at the slightest provocation, and crowing about nonsense.


You want people to see you as a Man? Act like one. Behave like one. Think like one. Better yet, Just BE one and remove any room for misunderstandings.

Be resolute. Be prepared for the worst. Be prepared to do what needs to be done in order to protect those you care about, even if it’s distasteful, disgusting, or difficult. You only get one chance in these situations, so don’t fuck it up. Have Genuine Strength that doesn’t rely on a gun to back itself up. Know what’s worth fighting for/against and know what’s worth respecting.

And above all else, don’t be afraid. Because once you start doing that, you’ve given those who perpetrate these acts exactly what they want. Stop giving in and start standing up for what’s Right again, for God’s sake. And if you won’t do it for your God, do it for yourself, because this is just getting disgusting and embarrassing.


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