‘Black Lives Matter’ versus ‘Blue Lives Matter’

Much ado has been made in the past few months/years over the seemingly constant ‘war’ that goes on between law enforcement and the African-American community, and more specifically, the young, male, African-American community. In the wake of some highly-publicized race-baiting news coverage of altercations between black males and authority figures by the Pain-stream media (because all they talk about is people’s ‘suffering’ instead of just keeping to The Facts), you’ve gotten all these cutesy little protest movements aimed at ‘ending police brutality’, ‘ending racial profiling’ and ‘protecting our young, black boys’. Then you’ve gotten the cutesy counter-protest movements aimed at trumpeting the ‘righteous’ cause that law enforcement personnel purportedly uphold. It seems that everyone has chosen a side and we’re all waiting to see who will win out and be declared Super Bowl champions of some meaningless sport whose season never ends.

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this particular discussion and I’m sure that my position will upset a number of people who have been ‘hurt’ by recent tragedies, either directly or indirectly. Since neither situation directly or indirectly impacts me on a day-to-day basis, this policy of practiced indifference is probably the most reasonable response. In fact, this should be the most prevalent attitude of the rest of the public towards both protest groups’ activities….and here’s why:

Black Lives Matter

This has been a manufactured ‘cause’ from the very beginning. What may have been the most recent ‘start’ to the media coverage in the ‘war’ between ‘Pigs’ and ‘Thugs’ began with Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Which doesn’t make sense, since Zimmerman wasn’t even a cop. Stay with me though, this will all make sense….hopefully.

Zimmerman, who was responsible for a neighborhood watch that had been set up in response to several area break-ins and burglaries, was ‘on patrol’ when the ‘poor, unfortunate lad’ Trayvon, who was ‘as pure and innocent as white linen’, happened to stroll through the neighborhood on his way back to his dad’s home. At 3 am. In a neighborhood that had several break-ins and burglaries occur recently. Zimmerman addresses him, asks his intentions, Trayvon allegedly refused to answer any questions, an altercation ensues, gunshots are fired, police are called and Trayvon is dead. The Pain-stream media IMMEDIATELY jumps on the fact that Zimmerman sounds like a white dude’s last name and starts the race baiting by intentionally withholding the entirety of the 911 call, removing the context of the altercation, and withholding the photos taken of Zimmerman showing that he was injured in the altercation from the larger public. This was deliberate.

Even Joseph Goebbels, the head of the Nazi propaganda machine, knew that if you control the media, you control the narrative. And if you control the narrative, you can control the people because people immediately believe what they want to believe, especially if you withhold all the Facts. Why is this? Because the majority of people are stupid.

I’m not talking ‘ignorant’, where people aren’t aware of something because they’ve never been introduced to it. I’m talking about those who WILLFULLY and DELIBERATELY avoid the Truth. They know that a belief of theirs is completely wrong but they’re still willing to fight tooth and nail against anyone or anything who can destroy that false belief. It’s why Facts are rarely used in modern journalism. Both Faux News and MSNBeACrybaby practice Deliberate Deception in their media practices and nobody cares. The Nazi propaganda machine survived the fall of the Nazi regime. They simply rebranded themselves and put new management in charge. (Kinda like their secret tool Hydra did when Captain America beat ‘em in World War II, where they then became S.H.I.E.L.D., where he beat them again a year or so ago. I watched both documentaries. Don’t tell me it didn’t happen.)

From Trayvon Martin, there began a number of incidents involving cops (mostly white cops) and dead black males that the media really started focusing on. In some situations, excessive use of force was used and the media really highlighted that fact. In some situations, lots of facts were NOT highlighted, like the media coverage of the Michael Brown shooting. Facts like the autopsy report showing bullet entrance and exit wounds that supported the official account, the fact that Brown and a friend had stolen cigars and committed battery on a convenience store employee just moments before, that Brown had attempted to take Officer Darren Wilson’s gun through the window of his police cruiser or the fact that the ‘poor, innocent, non-threatening Michael Brown who just wanted to go to college’ was also 6’4” and 292 lbs. None of these Facts factored into the growing deliberate narrative, I mean, ‘factual reporting’ of a rogue white cop murdering an innocent,  law-abiding, upstanding, civic-minded, young black male who had done nothing wrong. Even though the narrative was a complete line of shit.

The mix of the bogus bullcrap narrative of the Pain-stream media and the very real situations of excessive brutality exercised by cops against some black males (and others, they don’t just kill black males, whites and other minorities are victims too) has only made matters more confusing and worse….it spawned a movement. I’m talking about The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, naturally. (I know your first guess was the Free Willy movement but that’s not the correct answer… this time.) While their rhetoric has all the uplifting sound of ‘empowerment’, the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement have been about as savory as a freshly dropped pile of cat excrement.

After the Michael Brown shooting, Ferguson, Missouri became the center of widespread protesting, rioting and….what?…. looting? So you counter the ‘morally reprehensible’ actions, not of a black male who recently robbed and roughed up a convenience store worker, but of the cops who were looking to detain him, by breaking the law? Your aim is to disprove law enforcement’s position that ‘young black males resort to violence to take what they want from whomever has it and are responsible for most inner city crimes’, by taking things by force, lighting fires and getting in fights with the police? What are you, stupid?

If you want people to believe that a situation or a position is wrong, you don’t actively supply them with evidence that proves their point. That’d be like me saying that people ‘wrongly’ accuse me of being a pervert and then me actively trying to entice young women into attending ‘bedroom gymnastics practice’ and offering photos to show off the ‘apparatuses’ that will be ‘used’. It doesn’t really support my case to do that. And it doesn’t support your case to loot and destroy property to prove that African-Americans are ‘unjustly targeted by police officers’. Jackasses.

And while this whole issue of blacks being confronted by police seems like the same cause that a man started organizing for Civil Rights 50 years ago in Selma, Alabama , it sure as hell wasn’t the message he delivered in Washington D.C. in front of an entire nation that was wracked by racial discord.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

This is the dream that your parents and grandparents fought and struggled to realize. The ability for their sons and daughters to be judged by their character. And in this, you are failing to address the fact that the content of some of your young, black males’ character is sorely lacking. You’re mixing up the fact that because some of your young ‘men’ act like little punk-ass thugs, stealing other people’s belongings, destroying other people’s property, dealing and using drugs, and killing other people, that police are ‘targeting’ them based on the color of their skin instead of doing the job that they signed up to do and protecting society from criminals. People are slowly making the attempt to make the transition from judging on the basis of skin color to judging based on character and guess what? When your character keeps failing to impress, they aren’t going to give two shits about the loss of life of those who refuse to operate with any sort of decency, integrity or personal responsibility. Ya’ feel me?

And when you get these liberal, pinko, erudite, middle-to-upper-middle class jerkoffs who flock to these demonstrations to try and build up protester ‘street cred’ by participating in looting or picking fights with cops to get arrested, you’ve lost all semblance of the message of the Civil Rights era. You are NOT the standard bearers of a righteous cause. You are not the inheritors of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. You’re a bunch of peckers playing at being activists. You aren’t respected and you’re ruining any chance you might have had at being taken seriously.

And your list of demands? Really? Who comes up with this s#it? Police are to ‘no longer enforce public safety laws’? They are to ‘no longer respond to instances of Disorderly Conduct, Trespassing or Disturbing the Peace’? What kind of Stupid are you? You want special exemptions to justify a lifestyle that is proven to result in more frequent occurrences of deadly black-on-black and black-on-other-ethnic-group crime and you claim this is a ‘solution’ to the problems that result in police singling out black males?

I have a better solution: stop thinking that you’re king-s#it thugs that can do whatever you want without consequences, respect your neighborhood and respect the rights of other people that you interact with. It’s not that hard to do. I promise. Lots of people do it successfully every single day. And they aren’t even necessarily White! The fact is that people don’t want to live in places that are torn up, loud or dangerous to themselves, their legitimate businesses or their families. It’s why society has laws and people to enforce those laws. If you break those laws, their job is to detain you. This isn’t rocket science. Removing the enforcement of laws that are designed to protect people and families is stupid and counterproductive to living in a society that values egalitarian principles or basic justice. You want society’s respect? You earn it through your actions and your behavior.

And before you go running your mouth about me just being some redneck hillbilly who ‘ain’t even seen a brotha’’, and therefore, don’t know what it’s like to be ‘black and underprivileged’, you better check yourself, b!tch.

I lived in 2 homes growing up. The first was condemned by our town’s housing inspectors after we moved out. And torn down. Apparently, I lost my best friend and first playmate when I was a baby because ‘that damn cat’ fell into a hole in the wall and starved to death. The next house wasn’t much better. We had to close off half the home during the winter because there were so many holes in the north half of the house that it got too expensive to maintain. I’m talking about a ‘one bath a week’ lifestyle because we couldn’t afford to pay for higher heating bills just to ‘be clean’.

I grew up with my siblings and numerous cousins in the same house eating hot dogs, mac and cheese, pb&j sandwiches, bologna sandwiches, and the occasional home-fried chicken and mashed potatoes. We were all required to pick up jobs if we wanted ‘fancy, rich people things’ like shoes and clothes that fit, ‘special’ food (like resealable breakfast cereal bags that keep roaches out), and a high school education. We paid for that stuff ourselves. So don’t talk to me about ‘how easy’ I had it.

And as for ‘never meeting anyone who wasn’t white’, my parents, siblings, cousins and I played a LOT of ‘ball’ with a lot of non-white folk while growing up and I’ve worked in manufacturing with a lot of ‘brothers’/‘sisters’ and hermanos/hermanas. I’ve got cousins who are half ‘Mezican’ and it doesn’t make one bit of difference to me. Color is skin deep and doesn’t mean a damn thing. So when I say, “Clean your s#it up, you big mouthed, whiny, sticky fingered, disrespectful, entitled dips#its,” you can expect that I’m saying it in the most ‘caring and considerate of fashions’ and because I’ve actually lived, worked, and played ball with ‘your people’.

I know all about your little tactic of frightening ‘white folk’ with attempts to guilt trip or make them defensive about your skin color so they will give you what you want or avoid telling you what to do in the workplace. Been there, shot that shit down. Oh. Wait. I wasn’t supposed to spill the beans on that, was I, bro’?

White middle-to-upper class liberal Americans who have never spent time with ‘dark-skinned brothers from another mother’ who get all butt-puckered whenever they see one of you out on the street and start bowing and scraping because some white assholes had slaves 200 years ago, are, sooner or later, going to figure out what everyone else has already known for quite some time. That a LOT of you will milk the system and pull out that ignorant Race Card to try to ‘negotiate’ *ahem* blackmail *ahem* a better deal than those around you. Sooner or later, they’re going wisen up and finally decide to treat you just like everyone else. Which means that the free ride will end. Forever. So figure it out.

You want to be treated like Men and Women, you better act the part. No more of this ‘black lives matter’ s#it. Blacks are responsible for about 90% of the murders of other blacks. But you aren’t talking about that, are you? Either walk the walk or shut the f&ck up. I’m tired of hearing your b!tching. Thanks a bunch.

(This doesn’t mean that all Black Men and Women do this underhanded crap of playing the race card and demanding free handouts. I’d say about 60-70% of the one’s I’ve met don’t mess with it at any time and are damn fine people. They work hard, have fun and don’t worry about the little things. Good people. Better than a huge chunk of the ‘white’ people I’ve met, in fact. Trash-talk better too. Too bad they just can’t seem to defend Mr. Cheez-it on a football field (I’m not your regular Saltine, baby, I’m cheesy too!). 😉

Now that we’ve addressed the ‘Black Lives’ crew, let’s flip this situation over and address the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ group.

Blue Lives Matter

So, you’ve got a badge and you’re upset about all the gun-toting and negative media you’ve gotten for this whole ‘blue-on-black’ excessive force mumbo-jumbo, are you? Well, let’s figure out why this might’ve occurred.

I’ll start off with my perspective: being a white-ish male from The Sticks (for you un-edjucated folk, that’s parlance for Small-town America). My hometown was fairly rural and was consistently known as the Meth Capital of *Insert Midwestern State here*. We had as many as 6 meth labs busted each year within a 3 block radius from my house and we had 3-5 registered sex offenders living in the ‘hood (depending on economic conditions), as we were growing up. Mr. Rogers would’ve taken one look and said, ‘naw, buddy, it’s not a beautiful day in this neighborhood. I’m outta here.’

We had the requisite D.A.R.E. education program in our elementary schools and were consistently told to ‘go to the police if we needed help’. Had the whole training on memorizing the number for emergency services, blah blah. Cops are the ‘good guys’, per our training. Treat them respectfully, treat them honestly and openly and there won’t be any problems.

And then Reality stepped in. In high school, as I was coming back from dropping a gal off at her house in the country, I got pulled over by a cop. Not for speeding, not for a busted tail light, not for any of the regular appropriate justifications for pulling over an individual. I got pulled over because the gal I had dropped off had told her parents that I would be the one delivering her to her house (who would be guarded by a very irate father, I came to discover) and since we had taken longer than strictly ‘necessary’ to arrive, they had called their buddies on The Force to start looking for Me. Specifically.

Turns out that because their daughter had ‘gotten us lost’ and ‘couldn’t remember where her house was’ but ‘somehow’ knew where this open, secluded field was located that was hidden from the roadway by trees (relax, I’m a gentleman and wasn’t going to do anything dishonorable, much to her chagrin), the police were justified in giving me a friendly neighborhood pull over and attempted scaring. (It didn’t work. Fear is a waste of my time and energy.)

It would just so happen that the female officer who pulled me over was also the mother of one of the more violent bullies of my graduating class who had repeatedly sent kids to the hospital but was never prosecuted or sent to juvenile hall because his mommy and daddy were on the local police force and the local D.A. didn’t want to prosecute. Hmm… Smell fishy?

But wait! There’s more! Act now and you’ll find out that a number of the local police were actively being paid off by meth producers in the area to not investigate or arrest them! It took several complaints and a few explosions in the area for the State Bureau of Investigation to finally step in and clean up the area. Once. About 15-20 years ago. It would also come to light in the investigation into local law enforcement, that several local police officers and/or sheriff’s deputies were engaged in sexual relationships with underage girls in the area, as well. Now, to be fair, I can see how a little pat-down after addressing a DUI could wind up back at the officer’s place. It’s the stuff that pervert fantasies are made of. But you’re telling me you didn’t check or spot a fake ID at any time during these ‘encounters’? Really? That’d be like a doctor saying that he was going to check your temperature and then poking the thermometer in your belly button. Clearly, someone doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Then, we can start looking at all the ‘routine’ traffic stops. I’ve driven a rattle-trap of a car for the majority of my life. I’m talking rusty buckets that are 2 rolls of ducktape away from being scrap heaps. Those babies couldn’t break 70 mph falling out of the space shuttle as it orbits the Earth.  Yet, magically, they CAN travel just fast enough that I can get ticketed for ‘doing 85 mph’, going uphill, into a 40 mph wind as I get passed by a semi (a.k.a. tractor-trailer for you city folk). I handle all these traffic stops the exact same way that I was trained to do: I converse calmly, courteously, and professionally with the officer ‘in charge’, have my license and registration ready and never get belligerent. Yet every single time, they  start in with the ‘tough cop’ approach and progress to the whole smirking at my impending ticket routine. Since I’m a handsome, masculine male, it’s required by law, I believe, that I get a ticket from some alpha-male wannabe with an axe to grind, regardless of the circumstances. Period. (You didn’t REALLY believe that young female drivers get ticketed less because they’re ‘better’ drivers did you? Don’t be stupid. They just cry and flirt more effectively. They have the means and the tools to cause the officer to want to use a different ‘night stick’ on them than the one he wants to use on me.)

Doesn’t matter what the facts of the situation are. There is no exercise of ‘police discretion’. There is no exercise of police competence, courtesy, professionalism, reason, or even just following and enforcing the Law. Just a macho display of aggression that doesn’t intimidate or impress me and then the write-up ensues. (Sorry, Charlie, I’ve been through high school. I know macho posturing and phony bravado when I see it.)

In fact, if this whole scenario sounds familiar, there’s a simple reason ‘why’. Cops are trained to interact with the passive public in an aggressive fashion to elicit confessions of other possible infractions. Since all I could confess to was a) being unable to afford a vehicle that might’ve ACTUALLY had the capabilities of speeding and b) being great with my hands (Hi, ladies, are you busy later?), I couldn’t ‘make his day’ by confessing to any crimes he thought I might’ve been committing. Didn’t stop him from smirking his way through a ticket that he knew I didn’t deserve and that I couldn’t afford to fight in court.

In fact, there’s a lot about policing policy that doesn’t seem to make it into the whole discussion about Law Enforcement.

Most police departments don’t require officers to pass a psychological assessment before being hired or at any other time during their employment. Means that, so long as you’re not displaying obvious signs of schizophrenia/other psychotic behavior, severe depression or anger management issues, you’re good to ‘suit up’.

Law enforcement personnel are anywhere from 2 to 4 times more likely to be involved in domestic violence issues in their private lives than the ‘normal’ public.  I’m talking assault and battery, stalking, predatory behavior, rape, restraining orders, murder/suicide, etc. And they’re less likely to lose their jobs or be prosecuted over the issue. Apparently, ‘knowing the law’ allows one to more efficiently and thoroughly break it as they’re attempting to break their partner’s face. That makes sense, I suppose.

Police misconduct reports are on the rise. That’s a no-brainer. And the overwhelming consensus is that District Attorneys and those tasked with oversight always investigate and, ‘magically’, never find ‘any wrongdoing done by the officer in question’. They ‘followed procedure’. How shocking. ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ is the operative phrase, right? Or is it, ‘one hand washes the other’?

Since local government leaders want to avoid raising taxes to pay for necessary public services, many local law enforcement budgets are tied to ticketing ‘proficiency’. So, the more tickets they write, the better the chance that they are going to keep their job. This has been borne out in the media where excessive ticketing has led to people getting a ticket for allegedly doing 58 mph backing out of their driveway, where a Fire Chief can appear twice in court in a single day to address multiple speeding tickets and get shot in the back. In the courtroom. By a police officer. Then you’ve got a ‘town’ that’s 6 blocks long and 2 blocks wide in the Denver metro area that writes more obstructed view citations in a year than the Denver, Aurora and Boulder, Colorado police departments do COMBINED. I could go on and on but I think that the ticketing point’s already been made.

Adding to this is this little program in place known as Civil Forfeiture, where Law Enforcement can seize property and cash from individuals without ever charging them with a crime. Sounds neat, doesn’t it? All an officer has to do is ‘feel’ that a particular item in question ‘might’ be used for criminal activity and suddenly they’re justified in seizing said property. Could be cash, could be your expensive new Hummer, could be your boat or your home. They aren’t charging YOU with a crime, it’s your property that’s ‘up to no good’. ‘I tell you, Frank, that sleek new F150 seems awfully suspicious. So does that $2,500 in cash he claims that he’s going to use as a down payment for a car for his daughter. We better haul that shady F150 and the cash in for questioning, Johnson. I smell a dangerous criminal conspiracy that probably spans continents at work.’ John Oliver says it best, again, so I’ll leave it to him to explain (he’s got a bigger budget for research and production than I do, the goofy, limey nerd).

Once you start tacking on things like traffic camera based ticketing programs, warrantless and illegal vehicle and property searches, private law enforcement ‘specialists’ policing the streets, police brutality and racial profiling, this whole ‘support law enforcement, no matter what’ concept starts tasting a little bitter. You had the complete militarization of the police force in Ferguson when the riots started occurring, you’ve got police forces across the country who are wildly and blatantly overstepping their authority and shaking down the people that they’re supposed to serve and protect and many other police forces are either protecting criminals outright to bring in some extra side cash or they’re making off with the seized goods from burglars (instead of destroying evidence after trials) and selling them after the fact.

But nobody cares about all that. They just see law enforcement as a necessary evil to protect them from those who become looters and rioters, instead of realizing that they’ve taken someone into their arms who does just as much looting, but does it with a badge and a gun. Someone who is effectively doing much more damage to society than those rioting jerks in Ferguson. The sad thing is, the media KNEW that this was coming. In fact, the media reported on it about 2 years ago with the case of Christopher Dorner.

Dorner was an African-American cop for the LAPD who disclosed a rampant racist and amoral philosophy dictating the actions of law enforcement officials within his department. Dorner was fired from the LAPD for ‘lying’ on a police report that alleged that his training officer repeatedly kicked an unarmed and handcuffed man in the face while the man was lying on the ground following a public disturbance. The man suffered from schizophrenia and severe dementia. Despite the fact that the suspect had obvious head and face trauma and had disclosed, after the fact, that the officer had, indeed, kicked him in the face and after a series of obvious inconsistencies in the inquiry, the investigative board still found Dorner ‘guilty’ of lying on his report and fired him. Dorner alleged this was done to cover up the department’s excessive brutality towards suspects and persons of color. Unfortunately for the LAPD, they thought the ‘problem’ would just go away. It didn’t.

First, Dorner appealed his dismissal, following the established routes that Those In Power have set up to pretend that they’re impartial and that ‘Justice will always come out in the end’. It was, predictably, denied. ‘We can’t have someone who won’t ‘play ball’ and help cover up our unethical treatment of the public, can we?’ – was probably the unspoken agreement of those in charge of that hearing. Enraged and having all the ‘legal’ methods of addressing the situation exhausted, Dorner began targeting and killing several cops and family members of cops who were central to his firing and the continual cover-up of police brutality. How did the police force who brought you the Rodney King beating respond? Well, they shot at anyone who remotely resembled Dorner or the vehicle he was thought to be driving, including firing 102 times at a truck occupied by two Hispanic women who were delivering newspapers. Because everyone knows that 2 small Hispanic women look the same as 1 large African-American man. Stevie Wonder must have been the one who positively ID’d ‘him’. Officers never gave warning or verified who was in the vehicle before opening fire. Then, several minutes later, in a different part of town, law enforcement opened fire on another vehicle that police claim resembled Dorner’s vehicle. ‘Protect and serve’, my ass. (thank God for appropriate comma usage)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Damien, that’s not fair! I mean, come on! Honda Ridgelines and Toyota Tacomas (both vehicles that were fired upon) look a LOT like Nissan Titans. And by God, there’s only one Nissan Titan in all of Los Angeles and we shouldn’t be called upon to protect public safety by exercising sound judgment and verifying if it’s His vehicle or Him in the vehicle before shooting! That’s not our job! What? It is? Well, screw this! I came here to express my aggressive tendencies in a legal fashion and leverage my unassailable position to get whatever I want from others. F&ck public safety! Now either promote me, cut me a nice severance package or I’m going to the media with what I know about the police force.”

Dorner, on the other hand, never ended up shooting or harming anyone who wasn’t on his ‘list’ of those responsible for his situation and complicit in the cover-up for police brutality or  actively pursuing him. He even explained himself and promised that no harm would come to a couple that he tied up as he made off with their vehicle, despite being chased by the police. Yet the media painted him as a ‘madman’ and a ‘domestic terrorist’ (probably the most polite ‘domestic terrorist’ in history) before he was holed up in a cabin in a dry California forest that was deliberately set on fire by police, where his life ended.

Funny, I thought a ‘domestic terrorist’ was supposed to be someone who inspires fear in the citizenry, NOT in the law enforcement body that is supposed to protect the citizenry. Of course, by that definition of terrorism, law enforcement is more of a domestic terrorist organization than Al Qaeda or ISIS is in places like Los Angeles, Baltimore, Ferguson, and other places around the country where police have clearly overstepped their bounds and legal authority and in which there are no suitable or legitimate processes in place to clean up their Law Enforcement staff. It also means that the Criminal Justice System that acts hand-in-hand with these agencies to deny justice to the public is ALSO a terrorist organization. Even the media is complicit in this terrorist conspiracy. So this gets weird. If the media, police and criminal justice system instill fear and panic in the citizenry, which is the definition of what a terrorist does, why is nothing being done? I thought we were in a War on Terror? I’m confused…

Back in the Revolutionary War, a different group of corrupt law enforcement officials were fired upon by Men who sought and were denied Justice from The System. It’s odd how times and Media Propaganda machines can change the views of people. One group of excessively abusive, racist, and corrupt law enforcement individuals can be ‘valiant public servants chasing a ‘deranged’ madman’ as they shoot at any and everyone who remotely resembles a suspect, even when he’s nowhere near the scene, yet a cop who acted in self defense against an attacking, known violent criminal is a bigot and racist? This should be obvious proof that the Media is completely insane. This narrative changed in less than 2 years. Just something to think about…

The same premise holds for Blue lives as hold for Black lives. If you want to be treated with respect and decency, you sure as hell better extend the same courtesy to others. It means cleaning up YOUR mess. No more of this ‘sweep problem officers and situations’ under the rug. It means no more of this ‘oh, this guy lied on the stand and uses ethnic slurs when referring to minorities, but we won’t fire him, we’ll promote him instead’ *ahem* Mark Fuhrman *ahem*. It means no more of this acting with impunity and without respect for the law or appropriate restraint. It means no longer abusing your position to garner political favors or receive exceptions to how you’re treated. It means no longer using the ‘buddy system’ to cover for the inappropriate/illegal behavior of your colleagues. It means vetting those who will be the face of Law Enforcement in public so you don’t end up with ‘situations’ that make Law Enforcement collectively look bad. It means no longer stealing the property of others and trying to intimidate others to not speak out against your criminal or inappropriate behavior.

(And no, I don’t give a shit that you see ‘terrible things’ every day. That you ‘see the worst of humanity on a routine basis’ and that you’re the ones who are called on when tragedy or violence strikes. That’s not a justification for your bad behavior. That’s an excuse. Excuses are empty and meaningless. YOU chose that job. You chose the nightmare and its attendant occupational hazards. If you can’t handle the nightmares you see on the job in a manner that allows you to still be capable of being respectful to the innocent and do your job effectively, get out of the job. Go flip burgers or something. Because if you can’t handle doing ALL of your job, you shouldn’t be working that job in the first place. You just aren’t qualified.)

Now, if you take a giant step back and look at both groups, you start to see a fairly consistent theme. Both groups want to prattle on about the value of the lives of those they ‘represent’. Both groups will wax eloquent about the ‘great’, ‘sweet’, ‘caring’ or ‘promising’ members of their group as they use them as their desired Public Image. Even when that Public Image is NOT the most commonly expressed or recognized ‘face’ of each group. Both groups try to sweep the extremely negative and more sinister face of their ‘groups’ under the rug and try to justify their illegal actions through politicking and making excuses for their members. Both groups want the power to shakedown the general public without facing any consequences or repercussions. Neither group wants to hold their members personally accountable for their actions and neither group really wants to respect the lives of anyone other than themselves.

Until you can force each group to accept Personal Accountability and Respect for Others as their principle tenets, you’re wasting your time. And let’s be realistic. Society isn’t going to adopt this code of Personal Accountability and Respect for Others. Too many OTHER groups would have to change how THEY operate as well. I’m talking about the Ridiculously Wealthy and Politically Powerful Lives Matter group, the GQ-BLT Lives Matter group, the Atheist Lives Matter group, basically every special interest group out there. EVERYONE would have to change their M.O.. And that’s just not NOT going to happen. Ever. Not without some serious social upheaval, widespread violence and a complete teardown of the current social structure. Facts are facts and this is one of them. Occupy Wall Street proved how little of an impact ‘words’, ‘emotions’ and ‘persuasive arguments’ go in changing the world. Incompetent douche-bags.

So this whole ‘Black Lives’, ‘Blue lives’, ‘Everybody’s lives’ ‘matter’ movements are complete bullshit and a waste of my and everyone else’ time. Because if people can’t handle acting with Personal Accountability and Respect for Others but still advocate for the unimpeachability of some people, no matter their behavior or actions, then people are subtly admitting that No Lives Matter, except their own.

Hmm… I should make that the first Truly Honest public crusade that fits both group’s True philosophy. ‘Nihilism for all and for all…whatever. We’re all headed for that long dustnap anyway so it’s all meaningless, right? Now give me your money and valuables or I’ll take them from you.’

And this is just another reason why Humanity is doomed.


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