Planned Parenthood – a Reasoned Evaluation

Author’s Note: For those who have read some of my previous articles and found some measure of amusement in the way I discuss issues, this may not be up your alley. The following discussion will be sobering and bluntly honest simply because the subject matter demands nothing less.

For those who are not aware of the recent news regarding Planned Parenthood, a number of videos have surfaced from a group who taped a series of interviews with Planned Parenthood executive staff members who discussed methods, both medically and legally, to harvest and sell the tissues, organs and body parts of recently aborted fetuses to a phony medical research company. Understandably, the issue of abortion has been an explosive topic for the past…..oh…. several thousand years and the debate has only gotten hotter with 20th century advances in medical knowledge and technology that have made abortions more ‘safe’. Legislation has been passed by nearly every nation that has the ability to perform abortions and, here in the U.S., the Supreme Court ruled on the issue with their (in)famous Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973. But, since its abundantly clear that the Supreme Court is a bunch of completely incompetent Asshats with, what appears to be, a completely criminal lack of actual knowledge or Reason, I think it’s probably time that someone who has all those tools at their disposal took a crack at the issue.

Since social liberals don’t feel that they should be bound by the restrictions imposed by ‘Conservative Religious types’ and since social conservatives don’t feel that they should respect any stance that doesn’t respect Life and isn’t supported by some version of Divine Will, I’m here to split the difference and offer the ONLY perspective that can’t be refuted by either side. This perspective is called Reason. For more on what Reason is, please go here before we start.

Now that you know what Reason is, it’s time to examine what abortion is, and to do that, you have to understand what it is (the elimination of a fetus) and what it does (eliminates the potential that this form of life represents). Then you have to understand the rationale for why it’s supporters argue for it and why it’s detractors argue against it in order to come to a Reasoned Conclusion about whether Abortion should be performed in any capacity in a civilized society.

We’ll start with the detractors first.

The basic premise that ‘Pro-Lifer’s’ use to argue against abortion is that abortion is the killing of a Life that can neither defend itself, make it’s wishes known, nor has it done anything to justify the termination of its Life. They also argue that Life is precious, represents an infinite number of possibilities and is something to be cherished as a gift of God.

These are some fairly emotionally charged and powerful words and concepts invoking the concept of a Divine Power, the endless possibilities of Human Achievement and the notion that every Life deserves a chance to survive. But do these words stand up to Reason?

Since legal scholars can argue until the end of time as to what constitutes ‘Life’, let’s cut through all their overly ornate legalese bulls#it and get right down to Biological Facts. Life is anything that has a cell wall that carries out the processes inherent to its own survival and continuation (consuming and transforming matter into energy, locomotion, voiding wastes, reproducing, etc). This includes everything from the macroscopic (animals, plants, etc) down to the microscopic (protists, bacteria, individual cells, etc). Some life exists for mere hours or days, some life exists for hundreds of years (in the case of some trees). In this case, the joining of the male sperm cell (already a living cell) to the female egg cell (also, already a living cell) generates a diploid cell (having a full set of human chromosomes) that is now capable of mitotic cell division which will (in the best case scenario) result in a fully formed, functional, healthy human life.

Since that’s the case, Life existed prior to Conception as both the sperm and egg cells are performing the majority of life functions even before intercourse begins. The fusion of the two cells to form a diploid cell is the beginning of a new lifeform that is a combination of the genetic material of the two original lifeforms. Ergo, from the basis of Biology and Reasoning, Life existed prior to the act of sexual congress and a New Life existed at the moment that the diploid cell was formed. The fact that it hasn’t developed specialized cells for vision, thinking, breathing, etc., is Irrelevant. The potential of that life hasn’t been realized, but the Life of that new cell has already begun. And if you argue that the lack of achieved potential is the prime factor for justifying the death of an organism, get ready for the greatest bloodbath in history! Because there are about 6-7 Billion boneheads worldwide who have failed to live up to their Full Potential. “What? You don’t want to use that as a justification for abortion since it’d be the same justification I’d use for the proposed mass extinction of our entire species? It sounds monstrous when I say it?” Good. I feel the same. Ours is still coming though. It’s too late to avoid that, now.

Since I just mentioned the concept of potential, let’s take a crack at that, too. To do so, I have to ask a question: What has Humanity done in its time on Earth and how has it accomplished what it Has Done? I ask this question to make a Very Important Point. The Human Genome offers a nearly infinite number of possibilities, ranging from the development of Phenomenally Brilliant Minds and/or Stupefyingly Powerful Bodies at the top end to Breathtaking Idiocy and/or Crippling Weakness at the bottom. Life has the potential for a nearly infinite range of outcomes that all fall somewhere on the spectrum between Strength and Weakness. And NONE of those potentials can be realized unless they are given the opportunity to prove themselves. Is that likely to occur in the earliest stages of human development that occur in the womb? Not only no, but Hell No.

Every major achievement of Humanity can be chalked up directly to some form of Strength. Humanity becomes stronger only through the realization of the potential of people that all originate in the womb. Killing babies is tantamount to taking away the possibility that their potential individual strength will help humanity survive and thrive in the Next Generation.

(The flip side of this coin is that weakness has no role to play. If Strength is Ideal, then the greater the weakness that a person possesses, the more detrimental and less useful they are to Humanity. Nature has a solution to this situation but Humanity is typically loathe to accept that Death serves a vital function in the continued existence of the species by eliminating weaknesses that tie up valuable resources. Humanity tries to invent workarounds to the act of Actually Dying and those plans keep backfiring, making matters worse. But I digress.)

Now, the notion of a Divine Power is something that Reason has a hard time of dealing with in a brief fashion, since, if a Divine Presence had a hand in All of Creation, then you’d have to examine All of Creation in order to ascertain whether It exists or not, so we’ll skip it for right now. It’s not to say that there is or isn’t a Divine Power, it’s just saying that THAT particular discussion would take wayyyy too long to explain and really doesn’t add much to the discussion at this point. I’ll cover the topic later and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth there too.

So, now that we’ve used Reason to look at the Nay-sayers’ position on the whole abortion topic, let’s look at the opposite side of the discussion. What do we have over there?

The major premises of the ‘Pro-choice’ crowd are that:

1) abortion offers an opportunity for a ‘woman’ to say ‘It’s My Body and nobody can tell me what I can do with it’,

2) it allows for a ‘woman’ or a ‘couple’, who is/are emotionally or financially unprepared to handle the raising of children, to push that off until they are ‘ready’ to be a mother/family,

3) some women can conceive but the act of delivery may be life threatening, so an ‘out’ like abortion is necessary to save the mother’s life, and

4) abortion is an ‘out’ for disgusting issues like rape or incest.

And this, my dear Watson, is where S#it will Get Ugly.

First off, I have some questions for all those ‘Empowered Women’ out there.

Did you build your body? No?
Do you consciously dictate ALL of its functions, responses and behaviors? No?
Does your body respond perfectly to the dreams and decisions you have regarding the past, present , or future? Really?!? Is the word ‘No’ the only word in your vocabulary?
Does your body operate independently of society? In other words, has your body managed to survive without any of the comforts and necessities that a society of other able-bodied individuals have created and delivered to you to aid your survival? No?

Come on, now! You’re telling me that it’s YOUR body but you don’t have full control over it, that it doesn’t listen to your dreams and decisions and that, like everyone else, your body is a product of a greater mass of humanity that has collectively insured your survival? If that’s the case then it isn’t YOUR body. If it were TRULY your body, You would have complete control over things like your body’s Arousal, Sweating, Bodily Functions, Hunger, Breathing, Sickness, etc. This means that rapes would be forever unsuccessful in resulting in pregnancy either through your conscious effort to eliminate the vaginal opening or through some science fiction ploy whereby vaginal defenses spontaneously develop to stop the penetration of Rogue Penises (maybe an external penis bear trap? ‘No’ means NO, you prick!). If it were ‘your’ body, you could render things like ‘Menstruation’, ‘Menopause’ and ‘Pregnancy’ obsolete. You could control all those things through Sheer Force of Will. Which, apparently, you can’t do. So you didn’t build it, you don’t control it and it has only managed to continue existing through the work and sacrifices of the greater body of humanity.

So let’s boil this down to what IT IS. You inhabit your body. Your body is a gift bestowed upon you by your parents and your ancestors before them. Your body is a product of the society that you live in that has granted you the necessary safety and resources in order to provide you with the opportunity to give the Next Generation back to Society. Your body is the next step in biological functioning that has been successful for an incredibly long period of time despite countless cataclysms and mass extinctions, natural and anthropogenic devastation, heartbreak, warfare, loss and sheer chance. Even your body’s continued existence is a direct result of Society allocating resources to you. NOT because it HAS to, but because Society has seen some benefit in you staying alive. You are NOT an island unto yourself.

Look at primitive cultures, for the evidence of this attitude. The overwhelming majority of resources go to whom in primitive societies? Those with children and those who provide food/safety that is necessary for the group’s survival (hunters/warriors). Those who can’t/won’t provide either benefit to the tribe don’t receive the same resources as those who can/will provide. They get what’s left after the More Important Members receive what they need to continue providing for the continuation of the group.

‘Your’ body is no more yours than ‘my’ body is entirely mine. The difference being that you haven’t come to terms with that notion, while I have. I mean, Hell, my body does a lot of crap on its own. I simply make sure that I find a toilet before that happens. My role is to adapt to what my body is doing/saying, not find medical workarounds to offset what my body does without my consent when I want to use it irresponsibly or bitching and complaining about how people are trying to push ‘their decisions’ about what I can or can’t do with my body onto me (Which is ironic since they’re basically stating that you need to Accept Your Body for What It Is and Respect it’s Power, a cornerstone of the Feminist Movement. But, apparently, only when it doesn’t conflict with a ‘woman’s’ desire to act like a baby and treat her body like an amusement park ride).

Being told what is permissible/acceptable for one to do with their body happens all the time to me, as a Man. As a Man, you can’t get that random, spontaneous erection that occurs from riding in a bumpy car and just get out with your ‘flag’ at half-mast and smile at the nearest woman or child without criminal charges being pressed. We have to ‘take a breather’ and ‘calm down’ before exiting the vehicle. ‘How dare you misandrists tell me what I can and can’t do with ‘MY’ body?’ I refuse to be chained to some domineering matriarchal definition of what my role in society is simply because of the assignment of my sex organs! I am Man, hear me roar!’ Just kidding. That sounds kinda sexy. And you’re cute to think that way. It’s like you’re 3 years old and throwing a tantrum in a grocery store because you want candy but don’t want to pay for it.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my parents provided what they could for me in the hopes that I would someday father ridiculously talented, intelligent, adorable children of my own for them and to fulfill my role as a member of the Human Race. The fact that I haven’t come across a Truly Powerful Woman who’s been worth my time and effort to make that a reality is more my failing than theirs. Their desires and Society’s desires to continue the species aren’t really that unreasonable. My available ‘options’ have been. (I’m just looking for a gal who isn’t dangerously insane. Regular insane is fine, worrying about whether you’ll wake with all your bodily organs/limbs/digits intact is not quite as much fun, in the long term.) Your desires to disrespect and abuse your body during the most healthy and beneficial years to have children IS unreasonable and wasteful in the extreme.

Moving on…

Let’s be honest. Nobody is prepared to have children. You’re never prepared for a life changing event of that magnitude. It’s a completely new realm. It’d be like living all your life as a penguin and then someone saying, “that’s cool that you can swim well in the Antarctic, but starting tomorrow, you have to be a cheetah on the Serengeti. Pack your bags. Oh! And there are consequences if you’re not successful in this new endeavor or decide to quit. Your actions will impact the life of someone else.” There are going to be growing pains and you’ll have to learn on the run (pun intended). If you’re ‘not prepared to have children’, you shouldn’t be monkeying around with a member of the opposite sex’s genitalia. Sex isn’t a consequence-less game. That should be pretty obvious, even for stupid people.

Moving on to ‘medical issues’ precluding childbirth (rape, incest and the saving of a mother’s life). First off, rape. And since this concept has been discussed with 8 aunts, a mother, and dozens of female cousins and acquaintances (guys and girls can’t be friends, that’s a Fact), I’ll just paraphrase what THEY had to say on the issue. They’ve overwhelmingly agreed that “a woman is in charge of the situations she allows herself to get into. Whether it be accepting the free drink from the creeper across the bar, knowing which friends will protect you and keep you from doing Something Stupid when you’re drunk or simply knowing the males you’ll be associating with, YOUR safety is YOUR responsibility. Stupidly believing that all Men are Saints and will treat a woman with the respect and dignity that she wants, when she wants it and treat her with the reckless abandonment and desire that she wants, IF she wants it is the WOMAN’S problem.

Life isn’t one of those cheesy, smutty romance novels. There may be a few men who can read women’s minds and will know that “No means No, except when it secretly means Yes” and respect that, but that isn’t the norm. If that isn’t the norm, you should probably change your behavior to match what reality represents and respond accordingly. Woman Empowerment comes with the inherent responsibility to respect your body and protect it from situations that may lead to its harm.”

And I agree with that sentiment. The world isn’t some ideal fantasyland that conforms to your wishes and desires. Guys, at some level, are after the Primal Satisfaction that only comes from a Woman’s body. You wouldn’t blame the Lions for eating the idiot who jumped into the Lion’s pen at the zoo. They’re just following their biological wiring, after all. But when you have a woman who’s half-dressed, grinding up on the guys, drinking heavily and talking about ‘what she’d like to do later’, you blame males for the woman ‘getting raped’, even though THEY are simply following THEIR biological wiring? Don’t be stupid. Guys are People. The majority of People will typically sink to the least honorable and most irresponsible behavior in any Grey Area kind of situation. And before you get all butt-hurt about me putting some of the blame on women for rape, a friendly reminder: 82% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by a non-stranger (i.e. someone the female knows in some fashion) and 77% of rapes are committed by either a friend, an acquaintance, an ‘intimate’ or a relative. That means that the majority of rapes and sexual assaults are an issue of misunderstood intentions and opportunity with someone that the woman already knows. It’s YOUR job to address misunderstood intentions and YOUR job to try to eliminate the opportunity . Remember? It’s ‘YOUR’ body, therefore it’s YOUR responsibility to keep it safe.

And no, I’m not saying that rape isn’t a disgusting situation. I’m still firmly for the face branding and the removal of bits and pieces of sexual organs as punishment for convicted rapists…sans anesthetic. (Maybe let ’em ‘freshen up’ with a nice lemon juice bath to soothe those fresh wounds.) But to claim that women are completely innocent in the matter is blatantly absurd. I’ve known girls who freely admit to being ‘cock teases’ and reveling in the ‘power’ to ‘get a guy hot’ only to leave him standing out in the cold and then get pissed off when he doesn’t realize or doesn’t accept that the girls were ‘only teasing’ him. It isn’t a game to him. And no, I’m not one of those guys who’ve misread those signs. I know what I’m About and I don’t play games with immature tarts. They’re amusing, at best, and mildly annoying, at worst.

For those who don’t ‘Play The Game’, Know Your Surroundings, Know Your Company and Expect the Worst from both and if things don’t end up badly, you can be pleasantly surprised…..this time. Just don’t believe that the worst can’t happen next time. The world is NOT a nice place filled with nice people. Pretending it is, is YOUR failing.

Incest is a tough subject. Oh. Wait. With Reason, it’s not. The concept remains the same. Life has formed. Period. It should be granted the same opportunity to embrace its potential as any other. Incest occurs because a number of Important Conversations and Understandings between family members haven’t occurred. That’s a failure of the environment, not a failure of Biology. Punish the major offender (the one who should know better) according to the depravity of the crime (in my mind, the punishment gets worse because Family Should Know Better) but let Biology play out. You can’t predict Final outcomes that early on. If it’s a failure, allow Nature to run its course.

Understand who you can trust within your family and who you shouldn’t. Adjust your behavior accordingly. At some point, YOU have to accept some measure of responsibility for Your Own Safety. In those cases where children are the victims of incest and are too young to understand what’s going on or how to fight back, the point where they can be expected to be responsible for their own safety hasn’t been reached. This might be the only justification for abortion. Execute the offender for abuse of authority and failure to keep the child safe. That’s the primary function of Family.

The ‘medical danger to a woman’s life’ is the final argument. And this will sound heartless for some but it needs to be said. At the most primitive level of understanding, if a woman cannot survive childbirth, she isn’t providing what is MOST IMPORTANT to Society. A Viable, Healthy, Next Generation of Life is what is MOST IMPORTANT to Society.

Men used to have a trial-by-combat to assert their status in their community as Strong and Healthy Men. I’m a fan of bringing this notion back into use for every male. There are very few Actual Men today because of the removal of this requirement. Look around: ‘Men’ turn into prancing, buffoonish, immature, idiotic, rutting, insecure, big-mouthed, irresponsible, dependent sissies who travel in like-minded packs and both Womankind and Society suffers as Mankind collectively becomes Weaker.

For Women, their ‘trial-by-combat’ was Childbirth. In a world where anybody can acquire the education and training to perform any job that’s available, the LAST vestige of a truly unique individual contribution to Humanity is biological in nature (children). If you can’t provide that, then you’re completely replaceable. There are Strong Women out there who have gone through Natural Childbirth (Caesareans don’t count as Natural Childbirth, you vain twits). These women represent the Pinnacle of Female Sexual Power and Strength and they are Absolutely Impressive and Vital to Humanity’s continued Existence. Making excuses and exceptions for those who lack Power and Strength is being disrespectful to those who do have it. I hope that’s blunt enough for you.

And let’s be clear, medical professionals, you aren’t ‘saving lives’ with these medical procedures, you’re simply postponing and changing the cause of death. Valar Morghulis, after all. Strip the situation of the Emotion and look at it from the Big Picture: what is Humanity best served by, the loss of one life or the thriving of a great many more? It’s time to accept and honor the Hippocratic oath in regards to ALL of Humanity and not just individual patients (I’ll let you figure out whether the Original will suffice or the Modern version that states “I must not play at God”.)

Now that the arguments for both sides have been assessed from a position of Reason, let’s continue on to the meat behind the meat of the conversation. This has to do with the de-funding of Planned Parenthood in light of the recent publicized conversations where people can find out the monetary costs of acquiring chopped up aborted baby tissue for ‘Medical Research’. (Call IT what IT is, people. Doing anything less is lying to yourselves and ignoring what’s actually going on.)

As to the defunding part of the rallying cry against Planned Parenthood, this is where it gets complicated. Per federal regulation, the ‘average’ abortion is not technically funded by federal money. However. Federal funding is still allocated to Planned Parenthood through Title X and Medicare funding. Title X funds can’t be used where abortion is considered to be a method of family planning and Medicaid funding is dictated by the Hyde Amendment, where abortions are only funded in cases involving rape, incest or where the mother’s life is in danger. So, in a way, they’re not funded by the Federal Government. In another, they are. But that’s not the whole part of the puzzle, as Planned Parenthood cites quite often that they do more than just perform life-ending medical procedures on unborn children. That only accounts for 3% of the people they see. You’ve got 35% of their clientele who come in for Contraception, 34% for testing and treatment for STD’s and Infections, 17% for Cancer Screening and Prevention, 10% for ‘Other Women’s Health Services, and 1% for ‘Other Services’.

And this is where the issue of Federal Funding should have come up from the realm of Reason. The overwhelming majority of their clientele is there for contraceptives so they can have ‘Consequence-Free Recreational Sex’ without having to worry about the consequences of getting pregnant and/or so they can get tested/treated for the other STDs and STIs that they couldn’t avoid with their contraceptives while having that ‘Consequence-Free’ Recreational Sex. (And let’s cut the s#it about contraceptives ‘being used for more than just avoiding pregnancy’. 80% of respondents who use contraceptives use it for PRECISELY the purpose of not getting pregnant. And for those 20% who have a medical condition that only contraceptives are capable of countering, this means their biology is sub-optimal. Meaning: they have an abnormality that isn’t Healthy. If Good Health is a sign of Strength and if Humanity is only made Stronger through Strength, then… You can see where this is headed. It’s fun to play the ‘No Exceptions and No Favorites’ game where everybody plays by the same rules! Otherwise, you get cheaters who ruin the whole game for everyone!)

Planned Parenthood and the liberalization of attitudes regarding Sex has turned an act that’s vital to the Survival of the Species into nothing more than a drug and a recreational habit that demeans both the act and the addict. Sex isn’t an amusement park ride and it’s not A Game. If you’ve been wondering why this generation of kids are increasingly more shallow, vain, ignorant, and disrespectful towards others and why families are getting smaller, falling apart, or not getting started at all, this is one of the causes. Have all the fun without having to face any of the consequences.

And THAT is what the majority of Federal funding is going towards in the ‘services’ of Planned Parenthood. The scrubbing out of the consequences of the liberal movement’s cause celebre that “Sex is a drug that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of the consequences and the emotional and mental maturity of the participants. It’s only Natural.” Planned Parenthood isn’t about respecting the ‘Sanctity of Life’. They’re about offering an opiate to the troubled consciences of those who thought that Sex with others would make them Special or Happy, only to find out that their indiscriminate sexual encounters has turned them into mindless, faceless, disposable sex toys that are no longer unique or special to anyone because there are plenty of other ‘drugs’ out there. ‘Had enough of the White variety? Here, try some Hispanic, it’s spicy and delightful! Tired of brunette? We’ve got the blonde, ginger or black haired ‘fix’ you’ve been looking for! This stuff is good for 3 months and is guaranteed to give you what you want!’

THIS is the promise of Planned Parenthood: the Sexual Objectification of Men and Women, the removal of self-respect and responsibility, and the injection of a purposeless life filled with self-loathing and anger at never being seen as Special by anyone.

What these Planned Parenthood videos show is the methods by which they dispose of the destroyed remains of unborn, unwanted babies. They show the cavalier attitudes that the Medical Profession has towards the destruction of Unlimited Human Potential. They show just how desensitized the medical community has become towards the Beauty and Sanctity of Life. The argument has been made that research utilizing aborted fetal tissue is ‘scientifically’ useful. That it ‘saves lives’. Um, NO. It Doesn’t. It’s patently stupid to say that. It doesn’t stop people from dying. It merely extends their life beyond the limits that their original biology had initially dictated so they can die in a different fashion. It allows that biological weakness residing in the afflicted individual some additional time to spread itself to the rest of Humanity. It’s interfering with The Laws of Nature and Evolution (for those who refuse to believe in a Higher Power) and it’s interfering with the Will of God (for those who do believe in a Higher Power). You aren’t doing ‘good work’, you’re interfering with a Natural Process and crippling Humanity in the process.

Ultimately, these videos expose just how f&cked up medical ethics have gotten. You have a group of people who harvest the corpses of unborn children to dissect and experiment on out of Sheer Curiosity and claim that there’s ‘nothing unethical about it’. Horseshit. You’ve lost all contact as to what it is that you’re doing that you’ve failed to understand what your actions really are and what they mean in The Grand Scheme of Things. “Fuck the fact that these are Lives that were never given a chance at Life, Fuck the fact that mothers aren’t told exactly what a Miracle it is that they’re carrying around inside them or what it’ll actually mean when they give these fetuses up for ‘research’ (the things that will be done to them and why), none of that is Important. What’s Important is Our Curiosity and our desire to ‘fix’ things that aren’t broken. What’s Important is the realization of the liberal desire for people to eliminate experiencing the emotional ramifications of their actions and we can provide that, if you ‘cover our costs’. We’re ready to chop up the Miracle of Life to show you how much we respect Life.”

Ignorance is bliss.


As a final aside, for some idiotic reason, the Department of Justice is investigating the legality of the group who videotaped what appeared to be a ‘legitimate’ business deal in progress that appears to violate Federal Statutes (not saying it did) and, you know, Basic Human Rights (but that’s not important). Now pardon me if this sounds wrong, but I thought the Pledge of Allegiance ended with ‘….with Liberty and Justice for All’, not ‘hey, we don’t really need Justice because that means that those who Do Wrong must Face the Consequences of their Actions and Liberty is really just for some people to have and not others.’ The Department of Justice is launching an investigation to mete out ‘Justice’ to those who exposed potential wrongdoing or the mechanisms by which aborted fetuses are sold for medical research (basically delivered a graphic and educational Public Service Announcement on the matter), not those who are engaged in it. Someone should sue the Department of ‘Justice’ for false labeling and Constitutional bass-ackwardousity. I want my money back.

Once a government starts to criminalize transparency about the operations of itself or of the entities that fall under its oversight and jurisdiction, you can be assured that the necessary end to that form of government is fast approaching. A government that lies or withholds The Truth from its people is no longer operating by the notion or semblance of ‘Freedom’. Freedom is the state of being free to see and know everything that is being done in one’s name and on one’s behalf. Being kept ignorant is not Freedom and it’s not protecting American lives. It’s being kept ignorant of threats to your well-being and safety that you, as Americans, have the rights and the wherewithal to insure with your own personal vigilance and actions. Freedom has a cost and sometimes that cost is that you may be injured or killed as you take a step into the front lines to protect you and yours.

Personally, if trouble is coming my way and threatening all that I hold dear, I’d rather have the means and methods in MY hands so that I can Do Something About It instead of standing at the back of the crowd, hands shackled behind me, waiting for whatever doom approaches as Idiots and Incompetents assume Command. I know that I won’t become a tyrant by taking other’s rights and freedoms away to deal with a threat only to never give those rights and freedoms back once that threat has passed. I’ve got other things that I’d rather do than sit around being a power hungry despot (like riding Jet-skis, scuba-diving or traveling the world). But that’s just me. I don’t have that same trust for the motives of bureaucrats or career politicians. And neither should you.

This is basically what Edward Snowden cited as being the reason behind him leaking the documents pertaining to the NSA surveillance programs. And for some reason, the very same people who cling to their guns and Talk Big about how they’re the ‘vigilant force that will fight against jihadists, terrorists, and the overreach of the government’ support arresting, trying, convicting and executing Snowden for Treason, even though his actions do far more to support their position of Individual Freedom and Personal Vigilance than work against it. Figure it out, clowns.


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