The (Not so) Silent War on Strength

Author’s Note: Every species on Earth is in a Truly Perfect Struggle for Survival. Each species collectively prospers or fails based on the Strength of each Individual within that group. The weaker that the members grow within the group, the weaker that the overall group becomes, and the more likely the species is to go Extinct. This is a Fundamental Law of Nature. Strength prevails. Weakness….well… that doesn’t typically last long.

There is only one species on the planet that embraces and celebrates Weakness. They revel in it, they make exceptions for it, and they engineer workarounds to offset its ever-increasing range of destruction within their species. Weakness has become the standard by which everything in their society is judged. If it’s Strong, it’s “Bad” and a totem to be immediately torn down. For the underlying lie that this species operates by is “Equality” and it’s All The Rage. Until, that is, Humanity realizes that it’s An Utter Lie that is quickly insuring their own Extinction.



Strength. “What is that? What’s he referring to when he mentions ‘Strength’? Is he referring to bench press, squat or curl stats? Because if he is, I’m fat, lazy, and weak and he’s offended me and I’m leaving this jerk’s blog. Screw him!”

Ok, Bye!

Strength is more than simple physical strength. It’s not just how much you can lift. It’s greater than that and each attribute offers Something Important to Humanity. I would argue that Strength is composed of about 9 different attributes that determine an individual’s ability to thrive and support the Strength of Humanity. So, let’s take a look at them already…

Physical Strength – This is the body and mind’s ability to  utilize the body’s capacity for brute strength and force. This is usually a masculine trait, and before any feminists get all ‘Nuh, uhn, you chauvinist, misogynist pig!’, I’ll say that some of the traits of Strength are simply more pronounced in one of the two sexes. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t show up in the opposite sex, it just means that the most prominent display of it is typically associated with one sex and not so much in the other. (And yes, I stated that there’s only two functional sexes. Deal with it. Take your emotion elsewhere.) I’m talking about this guy or these guys when I talk about Physical Strength. You might recognize their lesser versions in regular society because of their big size, macho posturing and their frequent wearing of cut-off shirts. (“No dude, I didn’t cut the sleeves off to show off my ‘guns’, it’s just that when these babies start firing, they get so hot that the sleeves burn right off!”)

Physical dexterity – Physical dexterity is basically how well you can utilize your body. So you’ve got a body. Great. Whoop-di-freaking-do. So does everyone. Now, what can you do with it?  No, meathead, I’m not talking about how much you can lift with it, I’m talking about how well you’re able to utilize its full potential. This is generally comprised of balance and explosivity, precision/technique, grace and explosivity, eye-foot coordination, and eye-hand coordination. Sometimes you get all of them in one ‘package’, but it’s such a rare occurrence as to be a freak act of nature.

Intellect – This one is particularly daunting to describe, largely because a lot of people have opinions on what makes a person ‘intelligent’. Many theories abound on the topic here and here, which I don’t really want to discuss since they’re both largely wrong. Since Intelligence ties in to a wide range of areas (Science, Art, Athletics, (Not-so) Common Sense, etc) and judging how far removed they are in others (politics, business, and entertainment), it’s hard to make sense of what comprises intellect. Unless you’re me. I see Intellect as having two basic components: Theoretical Intelligence and Practical Intelligence.

Theoretical Intelligence pertains to theory, to the understanding of facts and the tying of those facts together to form a larger picture. These are basically your composers, writers, computer nerds, scientists, trivia fact gurus, you know, those types. They have all the facts and/or know all the theoretical constraints that dictate the dimensions of what they’re able to do within a field. Composers understand the constraints of Music Theory, Writers understand the typical organizational structure of Works of Literature and Computer Nerds understand the limitations and structure of the coding language that they’re utilizing to write fancy schmancy computer programs (Hooray for Candy Crush and God of War!). The good ones are middling engineers, IT gurus, librarians, writers, and songwriters who end up as one-hit wonders until the Music Industry decides to stop plugging their song non-stop in a blatant effort to Program the Masses. Those possessing Great Theoretical Intelligence are known as Geniuses or Prodigies. We’re talking the Mozarts, the Einsteins, the da Vincis, and the Homers of the world. They leave a Legacy that others can only marvel at.

The drawback of Theoretical Intelligence is the lack of a strong personality or willingness to be the one to capitalize on the act of putting their ideas ‘into play’. It’s at this point that other people (with ambitions that should never be realized) take those theories, untested and misunderstood, and try to bring them into the world. The nuclear bomb is such a device. The premises of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Robotics are such devices (which will be covered later). The concept of ‘Love Conquering All’ is another such device. Theory is a profoundly dangerous device in the hands of the uncomprehending (a.k.a. dumb people).

Functional Intelligence pertains to how something functions in the Real World (“well, duh, it’s right there in the name, Damien! We’re not stupid.” Fair enough!). These are the people who can look at the Composer/Architect/Upper Management/Engineer’s plans and say, “Whoa, buddy, you’re going to need to redo that. I know it looks pretty and the calculations ‘work out’, but your design won’t work in reality. And here’s why…”

Functional Intelligence takes a pinch of the understanding of theory and tosses it into their crockpot of ‘Is this Crap Going to Actually Work?’ They don’t know all the theoretical considerations and they don’t need to. They see how stuff goes together and can make things work. They see things as either Black or White,  Working or Not Working, Finished Product or Still in Production. These are basically your manufacturers of Real Stuff: mechanics, production staff, farmers, performers, editors, etc.

The drawback of those with Functional Intelligence is their inability/unwillingness to expand their knowledge to see The Big Picture. They don’t often think of the why of their situation and, simply, don’t want to know. If something is beyond their current knowledge base, they’re typically indifferent, so long as their Work gets done and they continue to provide for themselves or their families. Which makes them easy prey for unscrupulous employers and makes them more likely to be really, really pissed off when they figure out why they’ve been working on projects that are clearly going to have terrible repercussions for a lot of people. The worst thing is, those possessing Functional Intelligence are the hardest to convince of the ramifications of This Situation. They want a simple black and white answer and that’s not going to work in a world composed of 90 shades of gray. (That book was trash, btw. You know the one I’m talking about.)

The only way to describe Intellectual Strength is to join the concepts of Functional and Theoretical Intelligence together to get a composite score. Much like an exam where you get 50 points for an intentionally tricky multiple choice section and 50 points for those stupid essay questions that nobody actually studies for at the end. Since most people are only good in one section or the other, this often results in the class average being in the C-D range. Damn you, Bell Curve of grade distribution!

Joining these two facets of Intelligence yields something profound: Wisdom. IF you can understand the theory and the functional steps that would lead to an Idea’s implementation, you can start to predict it’s impact to society. Once you start down this dusty road, you stumble into the realms of Sound Moral Judgment and Ethics (not that malarkey that Medical Personnel call ‘Bioethics’ where every medical discovery is rubber-stamped as “ethical, so long as it has appropriate oversight” or that oxymoronic term known as Business Ethics). Nobody likes Morality or Ethics today so we typically spit in its face and keep going about our day.

Those possessing only Theoretical intelligence don’t like having their minds and theories bound by the conventions of Ethical Evaluation or being told that they’re meddling with Forces That Shouldn’t be Messed With. They want to push their understanding of the world to the limit and assume the mantle of God.

Those possessing only Functional Intelligence don’t like the nebulous gray area that Ethics and Morality traditionally live in and don’t want to think of the consequences of something that can ‘get them a good paying job, right now’. Having to think about whether an action is Right or Wrong is a headache and distracts the mind from the tasks that they need to perform to do their job.

Without Wisdom, you end up with a situation where everyone is putting out ridiculously stupid ideas on how to fix ‘problems’ that are only ‘problems’ because they’re economically cumbersome to a particular sector of the Economy (tightening Banking regulations so another collapse doesn’t happen for the same reasons as the last collapse) or not emotionally/egoistically gratifying enough to a particular group in Society (Gay Marriage). So, pretty much the same situation that we’re in today.

Health – This one is potentially the most controversial measure of Strength, largely because almost everyone has a ‘bleeding heart’ and nobody ‘likes to see others in pain or suffering in sickness’. It violates society’s most holy premise: “Human life is precious.”

Unless…. we’re talking about unborn human lives for the Probaby killer Choice group, criminal lives for the ProDeath Penalty group, the civilian lives that are snuffed out as collateral damage with drone strikes (hey, mistakes happen and this was their mistake by not being in a different location when s#it was going down! That’s okay, we forgive you!), or the civilian lives that Israel just ‘happen’ to ‘accidentally’ take out in their neverending cycle of purging ‘terrorists’ that operate in Palestine (just because civilians happen to account for 63% of the Palestinian dead and just because the ratio of Palestinian to Israeli dead happens to be about 43:1 in their past 3 military interventions doesn’t mean that Israel’s actions are excessive, negligent or worthy of being deemed War Crimes. They’re ‘America’s Ally’. It doesn’t matter that all of their actions since their founding have put America in ever more dangerous and morally bankrupt positions that require the lives of young American men and women, American taxpayer money, or American technology to plug the gap. They get a Free pass!)

On second thought, the notion that ‘human life is precious’ is really just Open to the Interpretation of Those in Power. They get to decide which lives are ‘precious’ and which are not. (Here’s a hint, they’ll never admit that their own lives are the equal to yours.)

The point is, we like to claim that human life is precious in the hopes that some Divine Force will look fondly on us for ‘taking steps’ to protect all* Human life, no matter the cost to the other Human lives around them, or the cost to Nature. We don’t want to accept that some people are just possessed of healthier immune systems, healthier bodies, or simply enjoy better health circumstances than others, even though it’s an inescapable FACT. Some people have immune systems that fight off infections and diseases better than others. Some people heal more quickly from broken bones, cuts and burns than others. Some women and men have healthier body proportions that make us envious enough to start online campaigns that subtly denigrate them under the guise that ‘All men and women are beautiful’ (Nope!) or cry about society’s ‘unfair standards of beauty’ (because Life is always fair, idiots). Even admitting such a concept is enough to warrant a mob with pitchforks and torches marching to your front door.

Sexual Strength ­– This is another controversial measure of strength, simply because it sounds like I’m passing ‘judgments’ on the sexual inclinations of others. I’m not sure when simply noting Fact became some Cardinal Sin, nor am I interested in ascribing to that ‘Religion’. I don’t much care for the emotional arguments of others and since neither God, Jesus, nor The Laws of Science have stated, “Turn off thine brain from seeing the Truth in all Its Terrible Glory”, I’m going to ignore them and continue.

Unsurprisingly, Sexual Strength can be broken down into another two sections. Because I like sections. Deal with it.

Does IT work? – This is pretty self-explanatory. But I’ll explain it anyway to make everyone uncomfortable by talking about wee-wees and hoo-hoo-dillies. Does your plumbing work right? If you’re a dude, are you able to get it up and when it’s up, are you shooting potent baby seed? Or is it like Eeyore: perpetually sad and constantly staring at the ground, occasionally shedding a lonely tear?

If you’re a chick, do you have excessive bleeding or weird cycles? Is there pain associated with penetration? Can you become pregnant and, once pregnant, can you carry a child to full term? (You might notice how the jokes stopped with the guys side of things. I don’t joke about a Lady’s Business. It’s where life comes from. Dudes, on the other hand, I have no problem mocking. We’re competing, whether they realize it or not.) The gist is, does your business work? Are you fertile/virile or aren’t you?

Sexual ‘Tastes’ – When you’re using your sexual organ, do your preferred sexual acts result in anything beneficial with the object of your sexual interest? The Species is best suited by continuing reproduction. That’s pretty plain and simple. You offer a new combination of genetics and traits to the pool of humanity with this method. If you like poking (or being poked by) goats, poking (or being poked in the) butt, or simply poking your (self with your) hand, you aren’t exactly offering something new to Humanity. And that’s a FACT. And no, I don’t care if I offended you with that statement. It’s called Being Brutally Honest. I’m sure you haven’t been introduced, so I’ll help you become acquainted.

‘So does your wee-wee or hoo-hoo-dilly work?’ and ‘Do your sexual tastes create the possibility for new Life?’ are the two components as to what makes up Sexual Strength.

Self Restraint – No, I’m not talking about one-player BDSM. I know it’s a little weird to be jumping straight to this area after discussing Sexual Tastes but keep your pants on, pervert.

I’m talking about the ability to keep yourself from simply acting selfishly. Now, jerk-off Libertines, Libertarians, Hippies, Capitalists, and War Hawks aren’t going to like this section. But that’s because they’re all a bunch of narcissistic, self-serving, self-absorbed, self-loving, self-ish little Napoleons who want to enjoy the benefits of living in a civilized society without believing that there’s a price that needs to be paid to support that Society. This is NOT to be misconstrued as saying they need to support everyone within that Society, just that there are costs to doing business and living in a free country.

Unfortunately, they want to be the kid at the Birthday party who thinks that he should just get to eat the entire cake because that’d ‘make him really happy’. Even when it’s not HIS cake or party. They want the whole damn thing and to Hell with the consequences. Well, lack of self-restraint is going to end with him getting sick, others getting pissed off at not getting any cake, and someone kicking his ass for being a little piggy. Self restraint is absolutely critical for a group or society to function. It keeps others from trying to gut you for taking more than you really need or deserve, relative to the greater needs of society. I’m sure you might think that you can see where this will lead in further discussions, but you’re wrong. I’m not going to advocate Socialism or Communism. They suck too.

Moral Strength (a.k.a. The Strength of Your Name) – This one might be confusing. So, bear with me. Moral strength is basically the convictions you have and whether you have the fortitude to stand and uphold them when situations challenge your position. It has to do with the strength of the moral positions you take and whether they are physically or intellectually weak….or not. If someone challenges them, either through physical conflict or through a debate, can your moral convictions prevail against others? It doesn’t have to be related to established faith, per say, you could advocate the elimination of plastics for bottling, a fairly reasonable position. Elimination of pollution wasn’t mentioned in the Bible (but only because God underestimated the laziness and ingenuity of people) but you can still fight for that moral code if your reasons are sound and you have the strength to see it through.

A good example of Moral Strength involves a situation with Ralph. Ralph feels very strongly that little boys (of any age) should NEVER** treat girls (of any age) rudely, crudely, or disrespectfully. Now, Ralph has a fellow high school sophomore ‘buddy’ named Jim. Jim’s a mouthy cuss who thinks that his bigger size grants him special exemptions from certain requirements that are known as ‘Acceptable Male Behavior‘. He also foolishly believes that because he and Ralph are ‘buddies’, that Ralph will always take his side in any matter. One day, as they’re walking to class, Jim thinks that he can shove his girlfriend, Peggy, (who happens to be a good friend of Ralph and is a sweet, intelligent, attractive, Christian girl) into a locker for not ‘putting out’ at their last date. And Jim does all this in front of Ralph, thinking that he’s within his ‘rights’ to demand something like that from a 16 year old girl who’s committed herself to Virginity Until Marriage (agree with it or not, she’s taken a stand for herself and sticking to it, which is admirable). Ralph verbally gets Jim’s attention and states his moral objections to his ‘friend’s’ actions and tells him to stop or There Will Be Repercussions to His Actions. Jimmy laughs this off because he’s 4 inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, and he’s Physically Strong. He thinks he’s a mighty Hurricane churning in the Ocean that is their High School and is, therefore, Unstoppable. Ralph doesn’t look like he’s strong enough to make good on his Ultimatum and since Ralph doesn’t typically participate in the Christian faith, it doesn’t seem like he would defend the cause that Peggy is so supportive of, so Jim continues to assault and verbally berate Peggy thinking that Ralph is just kidding around.

Suddenly, out of the Ocean (that is their High School), a Tidal Wave 30 miles high, rises from the Deep and blots out the Sun. And it’s known as Ralph’s Rage. The ‘Hurricane’ doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. Ralph quickly moves, removing Jim’s hand from Peggy, arm-bars him, spins and slams Jim’s face off the lockers a few times, and picks him up one-handed to make clear that THIS is a line that Ralph WON’T allow to be crossed in his presence. Jim has failed to grasp the strength of Ralph’s Moral Code (which, incidentally, DOES NOT prohibit the use of violence to defend others or uphold What is Right) and Jim has failed to grasp the lengths that Ralph is capable of going to in order to defend His Word and His Name. Others in their school take note of the situation and come to a series of understandings:

1) “Ralph is going to defend his Moral Code, no matter who infringes upon it. That ‘Psycho’ did that to his ‘friend’ and he doesn’t have many friends to begin with”,
2) “Ralph is a lot meaner, faster, and stronger than we gave him credit for being”, and
3)“When Ralph says something is going to happen if you cross him, it’s going to happen. His Word and Name are Gold. Don’t f&ck with him. He’s ‘crazy’!”

Emotional Depth and Resilience – This pertains to three things: how a person handles their own emotions, the depth of those emotions, and how well they gauge the emotional state of others.

Bad things happen in life. That’s just the way of the world. And I mean BAD things, not the “O.M.G., this guy, like, TOTALLY cut me off in traffic today and I had to slow down to, like, 50 in that 35 mph zone and that’s why I was late to my nail appointment” kind of ‘things’. I’m talking about the ‘your car’s front tire just blew up while traveling at 80 mph in front of a long chain of semis with your family on vacation’, the ‘oh s#it, your brother just fell off that inner tube in Deep Water, he can’t swim, there’s no lifeguard on duty, you’re the only one who felt/saw it happening and you’re on the beach, 30 yards away’ or the ‘sudden and tragic death of a loved one’ kind of Bad things.

These are what I consider to be The Game Changers in Life. When Life really rears back and delivers a nasty punch right to your solar plexus, causing you to gasp like a beached whale and clutch at your chest as you wait for air to take it’s sweet time returning to your lungs.

How well do you handle the emotional ramifications of those situations? Does your mind break, causing you to go catatonic? Are you completely paralyzed with terror, probably soiling yourself in the process? (Hey, who peed and left this mud guppy in my pants!?) Or do you instinctively channel that adrenaline surge into decisive action by safely maneuvering that car with the busted tire off the road or by turning and sprinting across those 30 yards of water to save your brother and maintaining the wherewithal to not become a co-drowning victim yourself? Do you completely shut down with the death of a loved one, unable to function for weeks or months on end or do you gradually come to grips with Tragedy and Loss across the span of a few days or weeks and move on?

There’s a difference between Feeling No Emotion, Maintaining Control over one’s Emotions and Drowning In Emotions. No Emotion = dangerland for becoming a sociopath and a monster. Drowning in Emotion = dangerland for persistent histrionics, depression and Taylor Swift fanhood (a fate worse than Physical Death? Mental Death.). The Mama Bear bowl of Emotional Control is where it’s at.

Likewise, there’s the assessment of how you handle other people’s emotional states. Are you oblivious to the emotional states of others? Do you let others’ emotional state dictate your own, like the chemical Molotov cocktails known as High School Girls do? Or do you walk the middle road where you can understand another’s emotional situation without getting swamped by it?

Do you coddle and entertain every single emotional outburst of others, constantly putting bandaids on all emotional wounds, thereby rendering them incapable of emotional maturation? Do you exploit the emotional sides of others to get what you want from them without concern for the impact that those actions have? Or do you walk the fine line between the two by showing appropriate concern when things are tough, offering them enough support to stand back up, and expecting them to stand on their own as your emotional equal without exploiting them in the process?

Emotions don’t dictate reality. And the sooner that people come to terms with reality, the better off they tend to be. The biggest pain comes from refusing to admit what’s clear for all to see. And then being forced to acknowledge, to yourself, that you were a blind fool to not see what should have been obvious, later on.

Primal Fury – This is the last of the strengths and it just might be the most vital. Primal Fury has to deal with tenacity. With ferocity. With the ability to fight, tooth and nail, with everything you have and more, never quitting, never conceding. Primal Fury has to deal with the sheer, animal hunger to remain alive at all costs and if those costs get too high to make survival a likely option, it lends that grim determination to deliver as much damage as (in)humanly possible to the creature that’s killing you before gasping your last breath. It’s Vitality, incarnate. As my old man once told me and my siblings when we first started learning how to Box and Fight:

If someone is looking to fight you or do you harm, you need to have something to counter their aggression. If they’re looking to do you harm, you have to see it as they’re looking to kill some part of you. Maybe it’s your opinion, maybe it’s the way you look, it might even be the fact that you might be better at something than they are. At that point, who cares what it is? Whatever it is, they’re looking to destroy that part of you. Now, your mother, she’s a Saint. She’ll tell you to try to ‘talk things out’ with those who mean to do you harm or to just run away from the problem because, in a Perfect world, ALL conflicts can either be resolved with reaching an ‘understanding’ with one’s enemies or running away. This isn’t that Perfect World. Period. Nor will it ever be a Perfect World. There will be some instances where people, either blinded by hatred or stupidity, will want to believe whatever they want to believe about you, no matter how wrong they are. And they’ll believe that the only way to deal with you is through violence. And sometimes, there won’t be any place for you to run. Now, I won’t have you becoming somebody’s victim simply because you’re afraid of pain, afraid of defending yourself, or because you think there are Rules in fighting. There are rules in Boxing. There are rules in Wrestling and Karate and all the other Martial Arts. In Fighting, there are none. If someone wants to kill a part of you, they aren’t going to be playing by Rules, so you better not play by them either. Be creative. Be vicious. Be ruthless. And never stop until It’s Done. I’m going to make damn-sure that you’ll know how to make it the worst experience of their measly f&@king life. If someone is willing to kill some part of you, you better be ready to meet….. no, exceed their level of commitment. Anything less is basically disrespecting your own worth and your right to survive. Meet their little bonfire of anger and hatred with a Roaring Inferno from the Surface of the Sun. Make them understand that if they’re coming after you, that they’re in for one hell of a fight. Now… go brush your teeth and get ready for bed.”

(Thanks, Dad. You gave me this rousing 300/Braveheart-esque battle speech and then told me to go Make War on Gingivitis and the Cavity Creeps. “They may take our tooth enamel, but they’ll never take….our bicuspids! Raaaawwr!” Yeah, that wasn’t confusing to a 6 year old.)

So, to tie this all together, you’ve got 9 major types of strength: Physical Strength, Physical Dexterity, Intellect (a mixture of Theoretical and Functional Intelligences), Health, Sexual Strength (composed of ‘Does it work’? and ‘Do your sexual tastes generate anything?’), Self Restraint, Moral Strength, Emotional Depth/Resilience and Primal Fury. These are what is necessary to insure the Strength of the Human Species. And they’re all under attack.

It’s no surprise that those with Physical Strength have a tendency to abuse it. Meatheads and Jocks have a tendency to bully other kids who aren’t as strong as they are. I’m not talking Complex Rocket Surgery here, everyone knows that it goes on. Now, instead of countering someone’s physical strength with….oh…I don’t know….physical strength of your own, you have these lame-ass internet campaigns aimed at ‘stopping the bullying’. Which is just stupid. Bullying was around when lockers were still made of stone and gym class consisted of mammoth hunts and outrunning hungry dragons. (Grading was either pass/fail back then, for obvious reasons.) Physical bullying is a part of human nature.

Upon realizing that the bullying hasn’t been stopped by their ‘firmly-worded’ letters to principals, sissy parents resort to publicly shaming the ‘bully’ or parents of the ‘bully’ on social media or resorting to lawsuits. Which is downright craven and only capable of being successful because there are laws on the books outlawing the beating of limp-wristed lillies of parents. Grow a spine, people.

We make exceptions for those who are physically weak and offer downright lies to cheer up Those Who Suck. “Oh baby, it doesn’t matter that you couldn’t do a pull-up in gym today. That mean old gym teacher shouldn’t judge your physical fitness on how physically fit you are. That’s not ‘fair’ of him. You’re really good at that Halo game, honey! We should totally force a new Physical Education curriculum on the school that rewards video game ‘killing sprees’ and pressing buttons really, really fast. My sweet little pookums will be the top of his class, I just know it!

Horses#it. Your kid’s a Puss and he’s going to keep getting beat up until you push him to grow stronger and teach him to stand up for himself. His classmates aren’t going to respect him because you managed to ‘call them out’ for their bullying on the Internet. They’ll just wait to catch him when there’s nobody around (like they always do) and this time, they’ll actually have a reason to kick your kid’s ass. Then what? After your kid ends up in the hospital, are you going to start another campaign that precipitates another encounter?

Bullies only respect strength. Teach your kid to be strong and the bullying will most likely stop. Quickly. If you keep fighting his battles for him, he’s never going to become a Man who can stand on His Own. He’ll be living in the basement for the next 40 years, mooning over teenage Cosplayers, mashing potato chips into your carpet, and acting all creepy. Do you want that? I didn’t think so.

Physical Dexterity is also under attack. From both directions. On the one side, you’ve got these nutso parents who micromanage their kid’s athletic endeavors right down to the second. In the fiercely competitive world of adolescent/high school/college sports, everyone assumes that shoving your kid through 12 straight years of grueling athletic practices and clinics is eventually going to pay off in the end with phenomenal athletic ability and a lucrative Professional career. When, really, there are simply some people who are naturally more talented in terms of physical dexterity. And some of them don’t get to ‘Go Pro’ because you play that petty and ignorant bulls#it known as ‘school and community politics’ to keep your talentless kid on the field ahead of them instead of letting them display their gifts to the world. Worthless pricks.

Does it mean that your kid won’t pick up some valuable abilities, won’t learn to work as a part of a team, or learn to better control their body while playing sports? No. They’ll pick up some of those things, but the worst thing you can do is to undercut someone else’s kid’s chance at Greatness. And all because you realize that you’ve wasted the majority of your kid’s youth in a sport that they’ll never excel in, so you feel justified in getting back at the world by sabotaging the potential of others.

And on the other end of the spectrum are those parents who try to protect their kids from any harm, whatsoever, that might occur on the athletic field. So they don’t make them compete… at anything. These are the parents who say that, “physical competition is barbaric and we live in a ‘civilized’ time where it no longer matters.”

No, we live in a time where we make excuses as to why competition is no longer relevant and just give people validation and emotional support regardless of their actual performance or abilities and arbitrarily declare that those who possess great abilities ‘aren’t really talented, since “we’re all equal”‘. If your kid sucks, that’s fine. Accept it and acknowledge it. Don’t try to fabricate a notion of the universe whereby your son/daughter is the Equal to Bo Jackson, Babe Ruth or the Williams sisters simply because they’re breathing. He/She is NOT. Stop deluding yourself.

They should still compete at something. Anything. Because if they don’t compete at anything and don’t realize that there’s something called losing and pain, they’ll grow up thinking that they deserve everything they want without having to earn it. And when you do that, you enable people to believe that any opposition they face in the world is ‘unfair’, ‘hateful’, and ‘barbarism that must be destroyed at any cost’. And that there are no consequences to removing opposition. “Come on, it’s not like they felt any pain or suffered when we were torturing/killing them!”

Intellect is under attack. Simply Knowing Things has always been considered a Capital Crime. How many of you grew up in a school where the majority of your classmates ridiculed the smart kids? How many of you were the ones who beat up and humiliated the nerds? Come on, be honest!

I’ve been watching society’s response to Science for a little more than 2 decades. I’d say that 80-85% of Society has absolutely no clue what Science is, how it works, or the methods that are used to arrive at new information. So what typically occurs when a Scientific finding comes out that doesn’t support a non-scientist’s view of the world? They ridicule the inferiority of Science when weighed against their own personal faith (whatever form that may take, even Atheism is a faith). They don’t Fight Fire with Fire, They fight fire with gasoline doused marshmallows and pretend that the marshmallows have won. It’s why ‘anthropogenic global climate change’ has managed to stick around despite nearly all the Facts suggesting that it’s a contrivance based on political opinion and incomplete or manipulated data. So instead of crushing the other side of the argument with Science, whereby funding could be reallocated to better uses, you do nothing because ‘Science is lame’ and only performed by ‘sissy scientists’. Which doesn’t stop them. At. All. They just think that they need to remove you from Discussions entirely. And if you don’t think that they haven’t started throwing around Hitler’s idea of a Final Solution, you’re foolishly naive.

Then, you have those who have Functional Intelligence, who work hard in Society, but are still denigrated as being ‘a slave for The Man’.

Here’s a little self-fulfilling prophecy. In some nameless business, you have a management ‘team’ who think that the labor force is ‘too up-in-arms’ about things like ‘wages’, ‘overtime pay’, and ‘getting their fair share’. They start thinking that ALL laborers are greedy ne’er-do-wells, so they start instituting draconian across-the-board wage standards. Employees no longer get rewarded for working smarter, safer, harder, and/or more efficiently, they get some flat compensation rate based on the number of years they’ve worked for a facility or for the particular position/role they’re occupying. Which causes hard workers to get upset that their efforts go unacknowledged, they let some smart-mouthed, lazy S.O.B. push them into forming a Union and before you know it, those dumbass ‘Union Proud’ stickers start showing up in the parking lot. Management starts seeing Labor as a greater threat to their desired ‘business model’, so they either move the company elsewhere or they bargain with bulls#it Labor leaders who have never worked in the facility in question, who can’t be fired or replaced but still demand hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars each year to represent a Labor group, which further disenfranchises those who care about the quality of the labor that they deliver to a company. They leave the company and Management gets dregs in who know that they can’t be fired without Labor’s Agreement, which Management will never get, productivity slips, revenue and profits fall and the business either goes under or limps along. And it all happened because Management didn’t respect the value of Functional Intelligence and what it does for the business, so they did nothing to keep it happy, which allowed lazy pricks to walk in the door who think Functional Intelligence is stupid and hard work is overrated. Mission accomplished. Your actions based on the fear of a situation insured that the very situation that you were afraid of came true.

Health – Health is definitely under attack and it comes in insidious ways. You’ve got the Vaxxer-movement who blames the sickness and/or death of their children on those who don’t feel that vaccination is necessary because their kid happens to have a strong, functioning immune system. Never mind the fact that there are thousands of diseases and infections that would probably end up killing the vaccinated child anyway. It’s only because of Anti-Vaxxers that these things happen.

You’ve got those disgusting ‘Hey, if random s#it happens and you happen to die with your healthy body, how about you not be an insensitive dick and donate your organs to people who, somehow, deserve to live longer than you with their unhealthy bodies/lifestyles. Maybe they drank too much and killed their livers, maybe they smoked too much and destroyed their lungs and hearts, who cares? You should donate your healthy body parts to those who had some of their own and, for whatever reason, had them fail’ public health ‘awareness’ campaigns. Grave robbing is disgusting and morally reprehensible. Unless you’re going it to keep Shirley GonnaPuffALotMore or Timmy CompromisedImmuneSystem alive. Then it’s great, you’re a hero!

Now, before you leap to denouncing me as a ‘monster’, consider which is more monstrous: allowing one child, who has a terminal hereditary illness that causes some vital organs to not function properly, to die…. OR allowing that one child to grow up with that same disease, who goes on to create children of their own with the disease, who end up creating children of their own, spreading that terminal hereditary illness throughout humanity? Is one child worth the complete Eradication of the Human Race? We can see this play out with HIV/AIDS, today.

In this society, you can’t even suggest that people who have contracted the most deadly disease in modern history, HIV/AIDS, be quarantined and not given medical treatment. Because it’s ‘barbaric’ to isolate them from contaminating the public further and besides, it’s not like they’d be irresponsible and transmit the disease to those who aren’t aware that they have the virus, to those who aren’t capable of resisting, or of simply raping others and infecting them because health authorities won’t do the reasonable thing and isolate these carriers of such a crippling health threat.

The fact that HIV/AIDS related deaths are tallied at close to 1.5 million annually should have pushed political leaders into action. But it hasn’t. Infection rates are at 2.1 million a year. Meaning that it’s transmission rate is exceeding it’s fatality rate. Remember the nightmare that awoke in the public consciousness with the most recent Ebola crisis? Ebola killed a little over 11,000 people in the most recent outbreak and the public was in near total hysteria. “OMG, what are we going to do? I should write up my will in case I get it, I’m too young to die! Mittens, my beloved kitty, you inherit it all!” Dude. Shut up. Until you’re sick, you’re making mountains out of molehills.

Talk about HIV/AIDS and the discussion goes stale. Why is that? HIV/AIDS kills over 130 times more people than Ebola does EACH YEAR. And it keeps spreading. Here’s why the discussion goes cold: because treating diseases is far more profitable than curing them. So, the more people who get infected, the better the fiscal quarterly outcomes are for drug companies. They don’t see that more people are becoming infected with HIV, a horrible disease that will define and affect people for the rest of their lives, they see a new revenue stream.

Ebola didn’t have a treatment or cure so there’s no money in it. THAT’S why there was panic. Drug companies were panicking because they didn’t have a means to profit off the disease. HIV/AIDS treatments abound and drug companies are making money hand-over-fist with them. You want to know WHY health care costs and prescription costs have exploded in recent years? It’s because HMOs and drug companies are literally profiting from the spread of infectious diseases that will cause the death of humanity.  And there’s no public outcry.

We’ll cover health in more detail later, because there’s a lot more to talk about (designer babies, IVF, Obamacare, etc).

Sexual Strength – Now we have Pfizer and a whole cocktail of drugs aimed at ‘improving’ male libido, entire industries geared at affecting ‘feminine health’ and social movements that equate hilariously unproductive sexual relationships with productive sexual relationships. And to make the two sides ‘equal’, we’re required to ‘redefine’ what relationships are ‘healthy’ and to make further significant medical advances because couples who can’t procreate suddenly ‘want’ children and then we’re forced to ask ourselves in an obvious guilt trip scenario, ‘who are we to deny them’? If I said that I loved Bertha the Holstein and wanted Minotaur offspring, should I get them, even though it violates the rules of Nature and Biology? OF COURSE, I SHOULD! Our ‘love’ is strong and pure and ‘shouldn’t be denied’. I’m not milking the system for my own benefit/amusement! (pun intended) That’s just ridiculous!

Sexual strength is clearly under attack.

Self Restraint – Pbbt! This one is obvious. You’ve got clear and constant pressure to experience pleasure in whatever form pleases you most.

‘Hey, lady, you like driving with the wind blowing in your hair? Buy this convertible! What? You can’t afford it? Don’t WORRY! We can finance your dreams, RIGHT NOW!’
‘Hey, teenage couple, hormones driving you crazy? Go get some condoms and get after some ‘safe’ sex, right away! It’s ‘only natural’, ‘feels great’, and screw the consequences! You don’t want your classmates to think you’re gay, a puss or a prude, do you? NO! Be cool, like everyone else….. who secretly hate themselves because they gave up Something Special to Nobody Worthwhile! I promise, you’ll regret it!’
‘Hey there, guys and gals, it’s your 21st birthday! You know what THAT means! Get out there and drink until you puke! Drink some more, you sissy! You’re finally legal! If you don’t end up in the hospital on your 21st birthday, you aren’t drinking right!’
‘Hey big businessman/woman, quarterly returns not as high as expected? Raid your employees’ retirement accounts! F&ck ‘em! It’s kill or be killed in this economy! You didn’t get to the top by ‘being nice’ to others, so do what you’re good at! It’s not personal, baby, it’s business!’

Wow. I think I beat that horse into the ground.

Moral Strength – ‘Morals? Who needs ‘em? It’s not like there’s some ‘magical invisible force’ who’s going to judge you for what you do. Come on, guy! Live a little! Have a mind that’s so open that anything can pop in and dictate what your actions should be in any given situation. And if you have a twinge of guilt, just shake your head and get rid of that bad thought right away. It’s all relative, dude.’

You can’t take a stand anymore because you’re immediately labeled a ‘nutjob’, ‘psycho’, ‘bigot’, ‘terrorist’ or ‘extremist’. Unless that stance is that moral stands are offensive. In which case, you’re a ‘freedom fighter’ and ‘empowered social crusader’, instead of just being a regular, uninspiring, yuppy dumbass.

Emotional Strength – One can’t simply respond with a controlled emotional response anymore. You have to IMMEDIATELY jump to outrage and anger at the closest ‘provocation’ or ‘insult’ to your existence. You can’t just take a deep breath and a moment to calm down to see WHY you’re upset, you have to LASH OUT. You have to be emotionally shallow and a complete slave to the emotional state of yourself and anyone else within Emotional Shouting Distance. Because we have to ‘feel’ ‘emotional solidarity’, or some crap like that, in order to ‘love’ our fellow Man. Someone saying ‘f&ck that, I’ve got my own problems’ or rolling their eyes at obviously shallow emotional drama is deemed a ‘Hateful Heretic’ and destroyed. You lose your job, your reputation is ruined, and nobody will hire the Hot Potato that is You, in fear that the Emotional Gestapo will find out and come screaming and pounding on their gates, demanding ‘blood’.

Primal Fury – Fighting is now bad, defending yourself from aggression is bad, violence is ‘bad’, self-sufficiency is ‘bad’, ‘let someone else defend your life, wait for the cops,’. This one is another no-brainer.

Every single measure of Strength is under siege by Society. And for some unknown reason, it’s also what Society claims to want most. Ask any single woman what traits she wants most in a guy and you get the following: She wants ‘her man’ to be intelligent, hard working, strong, good with his hands, a good athlete, an emotional rock who is ‘in touch with his emotions’ but doesn’t let them rule him, a man whose Word is his Bond who can (and will) ‘get after’ a woman because he desires her (and his wee-wee is very functional, btw!) who never gives up when the world’s stacked against him and is seldom sick. Women claim to want Strength.

But instead of shooting for that, ’women’ these days aim for the sickly, half-baked, half-wits, who are prone to histrionics and a middling work ethic, at best, who are physically weak and incompetent, who are big-mouthed clumsy ‘playas’ with a fascination of trying to stick their wee-wees in places that they shouldn’t (including other women), who never keep their word and are constantly quitting at everything in their lives, yet offer a wide range of excuses as to why they can’t stick anything out. And ‘women’ today keep getting pregnant with these dumbasses and insure that these character, mental, and physical deficiencies continue in the next generation.

And Men, when ACTUALLY honest, want a Woman who is intelligent, capable, hard working, healthy, passionate (yet grounded), confident, mature (yet playful), and lusty (but also loyal). Men want Strength.

Instead, they settle for one of the following:

a) some shallow, lusty tart with a smart mouth, no self respect, who hides her insecurities behind The Bottle and Pills and uses her face or body to get what she wants out of life from any man willing to give her the attention she needs to fill the bottomless pit in her soul.

Or they’re left with

b) the typical poor, sickly waif who’s looking to mother any and everyone because she ‘can’t handle being alone’. Which won’t last long since she does everything in her power to cling to every single one of her lame-ass exes who still impose on her every now and then. Which causes any Man in her life to issue the ultimatum of ‘Lose the Zeroes or Lose the Hero’. Which she finds impossible to do because she ‘can’t just say ‘No’ to some ‘poor, needy’ soul’. So Real Men move on from this type of woman and she ends up in a cycle of ‘Use Her and Lose Her’ relationships that are doomed to Eternal failure. [And yes, I’m aware that there are other Female Archetypes, I just chose to go with the two most consistently observed. I’ll cover Archetypes later. There are no Surprises anymore, sadly. :’-(]

Moral of the Story: Strength is ‘bad’. And Heaven forbid that Human Creatures appear in the world:

That possess great Physical Strength…
That possess great Physical Dexterity…
That have honed their Intellects to a razor-sharp edge that can engage in any debate…
That possess a powerful immune system and Healthy body that is capable of holding their own against Injury and Disease…
That possess great Sexual Strength…
That possess great Self-Restraint…
That possess a Moral Strength that can stand against the Collective Forces of Stupidity and say, “Not today, weiners. That shall not pass…”
That possess an Emotional Resilience and Depth that causes others to gravitate to them for safety and sanctuary…
That possess a Primal Fury that seethes and boils like an ocean of lava…

Because those creatures are ‘Monsters’ and are doomed in today’s society. And, thus, so is Humanity.


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